“Airlines Should Have Bigger Seats,” Demands Curvy Woman After Struggling to Fit In Her Butt

5 months ago

A curvy social media personality is upset with airlines, asking them to create larger seats because her bottom doesn’t fit comfortably. She posted a video showing the challenges she’s facing on an airplane, and it quickly went viral.

26-year-old Gracie Bon from Panama posted a video on Instagram highlighting the difficulties she encounters as a plus-sized woman during flights.

In the video, she can be seen pouting while struggling to fasten her seatbelt on the plane. Later, she walks through the airport on a moving walkway, smiling and showcasing her figure. The Panamanian influencer expressed her opinion, saying, “Airplanes should have bigger seats.”

Bon went on to explain, “So today I had a flight and even if I was flying in first class, I couldn’t fit on the airplane — so this is a petition for all the airlines so big girls like me can fly.”

The model insisted that it isn’t her fault that she has a big bottom and asked the airline to consider this when it comes to their seat sizes, saying “Please just make them bigger.”

While Gracie’s Instagram video gained viral attention, accumulating over 81k likes, a significant number of individuals disagreed with her perspective and voiced their opinions.

One person wrote, “Buy two seats instead of one; clearly, you’ve got plenty of money to afford them.” Another commented, “Whose fault is it? No one forced you to get the surgeries.”

Many were quick to support the influencer. One person expressed, “Agreed. I definitely need a larger seat and a seatbelt that doesn’t have such a hard buckle.” Another fan defended Gracie, pointing out, “The only surgery she has had was a tummy tuck. Her hips are naturally that large.”

Embracing our uniqueness is wonderful, but at times, it can introduce complexity into our lives. Take Rubi, for example, a young woman whose hips tripled in size after giving birth to her eight children. She underwent a stunning transformation through surgery.


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