An Emotional Teacher Reveals Students’ Simple Christmas Wishes and Hundreds of People Come to Help

7 months ago

In the heart of Las Vegas, one High School has become a beacon of hope and compassion, especially during the holiday season. Over the past decade, the dedicated staff at this educational institution has been on a mission to fulfill the wishes of its students, many of whom live in foster care and in a scarce money situation.

Cheri Guy, an English teacher at the Desert Pines High School in Las Vegas, sheds light on many students’ challenges, including those in the foster system or living in poverty. Recognizing the significant stress these students endure outside the classroom, the school annually organizes a program called “Wishmas,” where students express their desired Christmas gifts and the reasons behind them. The school’s staff and the community collaborate to fulfill these wishes. This year, the initiative gained widespread attention, partly due to Guy.

In an emotional TikTok video shared in November, Guy emotionally read requests from nearly 3,000 students. These wishes ranged from simple requests like a bag of Taki chips to more essential items like slippers for warmth. Overwhelmed by the response, Guy urged viewers to reach out if they wanted to contribute to making these wishes a reality.

The internet responded, and packages flooded in, again bringing Guy to tears.

Guy reports that more than 300 wishes have been granted, an incredible feat considering the 950 students participating in the Wishmas program this year. All gifts must be distributed before December 15th.

Among the requests are practical needs, such as seniors asking for a yearbook or assistance with cap and gown expenses for graduation. One ambitious student aspires to become an astrophysicist and requested a textbook titled “Lectures on Physics.”

Reading off her spreadsheet, Guy shares more poignant requests, like “I would like to give my mom a gift. She likes to shop at Walmart,” “Asking for a pair of headphones is important to me because my younger brother has been asking for them, and I can’t afford them,” and “I would like a Wingstop gift card. It will give me free food for the day.”

Guy teaches in the Jaguar Academy program within Desert Pines High School, where students are at risk of not meeting academic or social expectations. Some are even on probation for minor infractions.

According to Guy, one of the most remarkable aspects of Wishmas is that students realize they are loved, not just by the school staff but by strangers nationwide who care about them and believe in their potential.

In Guy’s classroom, a sign hangs with the message “One Person Can Change a World.” She reflects on her alteration to the phrase, emphasizing that it’s not about changing the entire world but making a difference for one person. She believes that if everyone adopts this perspective, society could transform positively.

Preview photo credit attagirlguy / TikTok


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