Barbra Streisand Met True Love Only at 55 — She Went on a Blind Date to Her Ex’s Home

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Barbra Streisand is a renowned singer and actress with a career spanning six decades. Beyond her illustrious awards, Streisand considers herself incredibly fortunate to have found true love. Her life story serves as a testament that love may not always come early in life, but the patience in waiting is indeed worthwhile.

Her previous relationships

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After her divorce from Elliot Gould in 1971, Barbra Streisand navigated various relationships within the entertainment industry. She began dating producer Jon Peters in 1973, followed by cohabitation with Richard Baskin from 1983 to 1987. Streisand’s romantic journey continued with relationships with Richard Gere and Clint Eastwood between 1983 and 1989.

Notably, she dated Andre Agassi from 1992 to 1993, despite their substantial 28-year age difference, with Agassi describing the experience as “like wearing burning lava.”

She met her true love on a blind date.

At the age of 55, Barbra Streisand’s romantic journey took an unexpected turn when she met James Brolin, who was a year her senior. Introduced through a blind date set up by friends at her ex’s house, Streisand, who had experienced numerous flings over the decades, didn’t anticipate a significant change this time. However, her connection with Brolin proved to be different.

Shortly after meeting, Streisand directed The Mirror Has Two Faces, a film she described as a reflection of her blossoming relationship with Brolin. In an interview, she expressed the surreal experience, stating, “Getting together with Brolin was like life imitating art,” The film portrays a woman marrying a man for non-romantic reasons before eventually falling in love.

They prove that love knows no age.

Two years later, in 1998, Barbra Streisand and James Brolin exchanged vows at Streisand’s lavish $100 million Malibu mansion. Despite initial skepticism from both the public and the media, the couple demonstrated the enduring strength of their relationship as the years unfolded.

Following their marriage, Barbra and James consciously chose to distance themselves from the media and public scrutiny. In an interview, Barbra shared their low-key approach, “We never dress up to go out anywhere, we don’t go to premieres. We never go anywhere where there are cameras..... We stay in bed all weekend. We read aloud to each other. We love to do a lot of nothing,”

“Every night is a new adventure.”

James shared insights into his life with the singer, “Neither of us has walked out the door [after] an argument, we’re good at talking things out. At 23 years, we’re better than we’ve ever been, I must say.” His speech at their wedding was as incredibly sweet and brimming with love, “Every night is a new adventure. Sleeping is a waste of time. I can’t wait to see her again in the morning.”

The secret of a lasting marriage


Their journey illustrates the power of love and dedication in a relationship. James Brolin reveals the keys to their successful marriage, drawing from his experiences, “This is my [...] third marriage. I chose difficult situations the first two times, but I think you learn with each one. I’m a person who believes that if I get it wrong, that’s when I learn, and when I get it right, I haven’t learned anything.”

Another crucial element is maintaining individuality within togetherness. Brolin emphasizes the importance of financial independence, stating, “We’ve bifurcated, and I love it that way. I have my own money, and she has her own money.”

More than 80 years of dedication to both career and love

Barbra and James are already over 80 years old, but even after all these years, they’re keeping busy with their respective careers. The best part? They still have each other, proving that enduring love and successful partnerships are timeless, setting a wonderful example for the generations to come.

Another fantastic love story unfolds with Neal McDonough and his wife, Ruvé Robertson. Their commitment is so strong that Neal even got fired from an acting gig when he declined to kiss anyone other than his beloved wife.

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