Bridgerton Cast: What Changes Can We Expect as the New Season Approaches

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Romance drama fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new Bridgerton series, especially after learning about Queen Charlotte’s past. With its unprecedented success and critical praise, the series has cemented a place in pop culture history. Its popularity skyrocketed during its second season, earning it Netflix’s most-watched English-language TV series ever in April 2022.

The third season will be about Colin and Penelope’s love story.

On December 12, 2023, Netflix made a thrilling announcement regarding Bridgerton season 3, revealing that it will be split into two parts for double the excitement. The first part, comprising episodes 1-4, is set to premiere on May 16, 2024, followed closely by the release of the second part, episodes 5-8, on June 13, 2024.

Production for Bridgerton season 3 kicked off in London during the summer of 2022, with the cast reuniting on set in July. A playful video shared on the official show’s Instagram account captured the Bridgerton cast members, led by star Jonathan Bailey, teasingly signaling the transition from season 2 to season 3. The clip culminates with Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan, sparking anticipation for the evolving dynamics between their characters.

Episodes in the first part, May 16, 2024:

  • Episode 1: «Out of the Shadows»
  • Episode 2: «How Bright the Moon»
  • Episode 3: «Forces of Nature»
  • Episode 4: «Old Friends»

Episodes in the second part, June 13, 2024:

  • Episode 5: «Tick Tock»
  • Episode 6: «Romancing Mister Bridgerton»
  • Episode 7: «Joining of Hands»
  • Episode 8: «Into the Light»

Bridgerton’s book series consists of eight novels set between 1813 and 1827. Each book focuses on one of the eight children of the late Viscount Bridgerton: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. Originally planned as a trilogy, the series expanded due to readers’ interest in the Bridgertons and Lady Whistledown’s gossip columns. After completing the series, the author Julia Quinn wrote 2nd Epilogues to provide updates on the characters’ lives.

These stories were later compiled into The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After, along with a bonus novella about Violet titled Violet in Bloom. The author later returned to the Bridgerton family with the Rokesbys, their neighbors, exploring the Georgian Era in Because of Miss Bridgerton. Another book set in the Bridgerton verse is Queen Charlotte. It’s co-written by Julia Quinn, a bestselling author, and Shonda Rhimes, a TV pioneer. The book is inspired by the original series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story created by Shondaland and available on Netflix.

The third Bridgerton book isn’t the same as the series.

However, the series adaptation of the books seems not to go in the same order as Julia Quinn’s novels. In the third book, the author shared the story of Benedict, and as we all already know about the Bridgerton series, the third season is dedicated to Colin and Penelope. Fans express disappointment on Twitter about the show seemingly skipping Benedict’s tale, but some believe delaying it to season four makes sense.

In the third novel in the Bridgerton series, An Offer from a Gentleman, Sophie Beckett, a servant despite her noble heritage, sneaks into a masquerade ball hosted by Lady Bridgerton. There, she shares a magical dance with Benedict Bridgerton, feeling like royalty in his arms. Sophie must leave a party early to escape her stepmother and stepsisters. Despite their connection, Sophie’s Cinderella moment is cut short.

Later, she is compelled to leave her house and seek work elsewhere. This implies she and Benedict have not seen each other in years, yet they still have affection for one another. Benedict cannot forget Sophie, the girl he fell in love with. However, Benedict is determined to find her again, even if it means defying societal expectations.

Because Colin and Penelope’s narrative may continue after season two, we may have to wait longer to see Benedict and Sophie’s relationship. The show may need to go forward in time and finish out other stories first. Some fans speculate that the show might introduce Sophie in season three and fully explore their romance in season four.

The production company revealed who should we expect in the third Season.

As Coughlan and Newton lead the cast, they are joined by a host of series regulars for Season 3 of Bridgerton. Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton), Simone Ashley (Kate Sharma), Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton), Golda Rosheuvel (Queen Charlotte), Adjoa Andoh (Lady Danbury), and Ruth Gemmell (Violet Bridgerton) are among those returning. Harriet Cains (Philipa Featherington), Bessie Carter (Prudence Featherington), and Jessica Madsen (Cressida Cowper) also join the Bridgerton cast in this season.

Other familiar faces include Hannah Dodd (Francesca Bridgerton), Florence Hunt (Hyacinth Bridgerton), Martins Imhangbe (Will Mondrich), and Will Tilston (Gregory Bridgerton). Additionally, Polly Walker (Portia Featherington) and Julie Andrews (Lady Whistledown) make their appearances.

Sadly, Hugh Sachs (Brimsley), Emma Naomi (Alice Mondrich), Kathryn Drysdale (Genevieve Delacroix), together as Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne Bridgerton) and Regé-Jean Page won’t be part of the series.

Season 3 will have three new actors in the cast. Daniel Francis, renowned for his performance in Stay Close, will play Marcus Anderson, a charming newcomer to the ton. James Phoon plays Harry Dankworth, a nice character with beautiful appearance but a lack of wit. Sam Phillips from The Crown will appear as Lord Debling, a possible suitor for Penelope.

This season emphasizes Penelope and Colin’s connection in the most magical way.

Let’s recap how the second Season ended, so we can continue the plot line of the third one. In the last episode of Season 2, Lady Whistledown hasn’t been gossiping lately, which is strange considering the Bridgertons’ reputation. Meanwhile, Kate is still recovering, and Eloise is meeting Theo in secret. The Featheringtons are hosting a ball, thanks to Jack’s fundraising efforts, supported by Colin.

Lady Bridgerton advises Anthony to marry for love, so he proposes to Kate. However, Kate declines, planning to return to India after the Featherington Ball. At the ball, Eloise suspects Penelope is Lady Whistledown. She confronts Penelope about their friendship and Penelope’s actions, and Penelope decides to continue as Lady Whistledown. Colin exposes Jack as a fraud, leading to Lady Featherington taking his money. Anthony and Kate finally dance together, with Queen Charlotte intervening to prevent a scandal.

At the Featherington Ball, Penelope faces heartbreak after overhearing Colin’s dismissal of courting her to a group of bachelors. Her falling out with best friend Eloise in the Season 2 finale only adds to her distress. However, at Tudum: A Global Fan Event, Coughlan assured viewers that Penelope is ready for a scandalous new London season in Season 3.

«Polin stans, I see you!» Coughlan announced from the Tudum stage in June. «This season, Penelope returns to London determined to become a new woman with newfound independence... We cannot wait to take you along for the carriage ride.»

According to the official synopsis, Penelope enters Season 3 prepared to let go of her longtime crush on Colin. Instead, she sets her sights on finding a husband who will support her double life as Lady Whistledown, away from her family’s watchful eyes.

Meanwhile, Colin returns from his summer travels transformed, but disheartened to find Penelope avoiding him. Offering to mentor her in confidence-building to help her secure a husband, Colin’s efforts lead to a deeper bond between them, challenging his feelings toward Penelope.

As excitement mounts for the new season, fans can also enjoy the Bridgerton Wedding Collection, featuring bridal gowns inspired by the series, and indulge in treats from Williams Sonoma inspired by Regency-era opulence.

With Season 3 filming underway, the cast and crew are dedicated to bringing the beloved characters and storylines to life once again. As Lady Whistledown herself would say, the drama is set to unfold, and viewers eagerly anticipate being swept away by it all.

The production firms have published two snippets from the new season, both of which emphasize Penelope and Colin’s connection. The latest footage, revealed during the series’ Feb. 14 event in London, depicts the aftermath of Colin’s nasty words about Penelope in the Season 2 finale.

The other footage takes us to the Bridgerton’s sitting room, where Penelope pays Colin such a frank praise that he grabs a glass of water to quench his sudden thirst. Known for her powerful magic when it comes to properly using words, Colin is stunned as he hears Penelope say, «Your eyes, are the most remarkable shades of blue. And yet somehow they shine even brighter when you are kind.»

Fans have come up with theories about what might happen in the third season, which make sense in a way.

Several fans have had the same idea and started sharing their theories online:

  • «I’m reading Benedict’s book and between the ball, the Bridgertons threw where he met Sophie and when they meet again there’s a gap of two years, enough for the unfolding of Penelope and Colin’s ark. So my theory is that the Bridgertons will throw the ball this season, we would briefly see Sophie and the writers would carry the storyline through season 4.» lovin_da_d** / Reddit
  • Another fan added to the previous commen, «That is actually my theory too. In the book they met at Violets „goodbye ball“ for the first time. So they could actually introduce her in ep one or two and then have their separate storylines for season 3 while having their „together“ storyline in season 4.» phdofdesaster / Reddit
  • «I completely agree. As someone else here said, they could (and should) have the ball in which they meet in episode one or two, and then we see Benedict looking for her, and then in the last episode Benedict sees her again, or it is when she turns up as a maid for the Bridgertons, but Benedict doesn’t recognize her, but it is made clear to the viewers that it is the same person.» Unknown author / Reddit
  • «I have a new favorite unhinged theory for season 3. There has been a ton of speculation around who Eloise’s „new friend in an unlikely place“ might be, and I’ve guessed (hoped. prayed.) that her new friend may be Sophie, and they meet in the servant’s quarters when Eloise is hiding out from a ball, but I’ve started to think. Who else may have a distaste for society and would be out around this time? None other than Miss Posy Reiling.
    I’ve been hoping for the inclusion of these characters, rather than the cop-out it would be to make the Cowper’s Sophie’s pseudo-family. I would love to see more wallflowers, and I hope Eloise’s friend is someone who isn’t just a placeholder for Pen. I know very well this is unlikely but could you imagine this sub if Eloise meets her friend, asks her name, and she just goes, „Oh, I’m Posy Reiling.“ All of us book fans would probably start screaming!» Ok-Pianist1211 / Reddit
  • «I’ve trotted this out before, but my theory is that Kate was involved with a woman in India when she was younger. The talk of her being allowed to hunt with the royal family and her knowledge of dancing, protocol, and musical instruments could have come from lessons with the family’s daughter. If Lady Mary and Edwina assumed Kate only liked women, it would explain their shock when there was something between Kate and Anthony. A young woman is joining the cast who would fit into the role of the ex-girlfriend coming to court.» ShootFrameHang / Reddit
  • «Every couple gets a bird that symbolizes a part of their relationship. Pigeons symbolize peace and harmony. We see an intense moment between Simon and Daphne, with Daphne’s rapid piano playing and Simon messing with the pigeons. This scene shows how their harmony is dying as they are trying to overpower the other with the noise. They were fighting over different value and needs. In the end, their harmony is restored, of course.
    A pair of geese symbolize the imminent arrival of a soulmate. We see Anthony looking at a pair of geese before the dramatic arrival of Miss Kate Sharma. This symbolizes Colin’s relationship with Penelope right now. The lame duck in the back is all he sees. He’s missing the beautiful swan (Penelope) that’s right in front of him!» _hafxah / Reddit

Despite their significant roles in the initial season of the show and sporadic appearances in the second, fans will miss seeing the first season’s love birds Daphne and Simon as the new season approaches. Nonetheless, the 35-year-old actor, a key member of the Bridgerton cast portraying the Duke of Hastings, or Simon, has drawn considerable attention for his striking appearance.

Analyzed using the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, his facial features were found to be remarkably accurate at 93.65%, earning him the esteemed title of the most attractive man in the world according to scientific standards. If you’d like to read more, make sure to check this article.


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