Bright Side Readers Made a List of the Hottest Men on the Planet

3 years ago

There’s a famous proverb that says tastes differ. What seems nice for one person can be the complete opposite for others. We’ve already posted the ratings of the world’s most attractive men based on voting results from various popular sites. And we discovered that the tastes of our readers don’t necessarily match with the tastes of women who voted on other sites.

That’s why we at Bright Side decided to make a list of the most attractive men according to our readers’ opinions. It includes both young, handsome guys and heart-breakers of the past.

1. Keanu Reeves

2. Jason Momoa

3. Matthew McConaughey

4. Scott Eastwood

5. Javier Bardem

6. Dimash Kudaibergen

7. Burak Özçivit

8. Jared Leto

9. Song Il-kook

10. Jason Derulo

11. Jim Sturgess

12. Patrick Schwarzenegger

13. Mario Casas

14. Cillian Murphy

15. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

16. Tom Hardy

17. Sam Elliott

18. James Franco

19. Dean Reed

20. Ali Ersan Duru

21. Jensen Ackles

22. Henry Cavill

23. Josh Hartnett

24. Jean Reno

25. Timothy Dalton

26. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

27. Douglas Booth

28. Clark Gable

29. Liam Hemsworth

30. Alain Delon

Which celebrity poster used to hang or is currently hanging in your room?


In my opinion, a terrible Kazakh named Dimash is superfluous here, how did he end up here? He is not very well known or popular even in his native country)))
why doesn't this list have any kpop idols? each one of them are handsome.

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