Garage Inventor Who Builds Everything in a Shed and His Newest Creation Surpasses Our Wildest Dreams

3 years ago

Colin Furze is a British plumber and YouTube Creator whose inventiveness gained him over 6 Guinness World Records for the largest bonfire, the fastest toilet, the fastest speed achieved on a mobility scooter, the fastest pram, and the longest motorcycle. His latest creations are becoming more and more futuristic with a hoverbike joining his spectacular collection and a Hulkbuster Robot made from parts that he had found on eBay.

We at Bright Side wanted to share with you some of his breathtaking and impressive creations that are bound to blow you away.

1. The homemade hoverbike

Colin Furze was sponsored by Ford to create a functional homemade hoverbike. In his planning video, he starts by showing his viewers the archetypal sketches of the machine. His plan was to have 2 fans facing the ground, one at the front and one at the back, kind of like a motorbike but with the tires facing the floor rather than being vertical. There would also be 2 motors sitting on top of each fan. There would be a frame to contain the fans and to avoid any accidents, and lastly, a frame for the rider to sit on.

After he was able to get his paramotors and test the amount of weight they can handle, he went ahead and started building the frame that would link the 2 propellers together. During the process, he says that he had to go in a different direction with the frame because he did not take into account that both propellers were going to be turning in the same direction which results in a gyroscopic spin. So, he decided to flip one of them upside down and change the shape of the frame going from the bottom part of the first propeller to the top part of the second.

When the frame was designed into an L shape, he linked the 2 propellers together. He then added the motors, the controls, and then the fuel tank, and it was ready to put on the test. His first ever attempt to build this hovercraft was a success even though it does not have a steering wheel and it looks extremely dangerous, it was able to fly and that is all that matters!

Click here to see the video!

2. The Hulkbuster Robot

For this creation, Colin created the Hulkbuster which is an exoskeleton that was used by Iron Man to fight Hulk in Infinity War. Colin managed to put together an enormous and fully-functioning robot that is more than 10 ft tall. His goal from the beginning was to make the robot hydraulic, with both his arms and legs being able to move. This was an eBay project and all the components used were sourced off eBay.

He started off by making the skeleton of the robot, starting from the bottom where the feet were going to be located, Inside of each foot he placed a battery and that made each foot weigh approximately 200 kg. He then made the waist, using a bearing which he then attached to the hip of his robot to make it move. After that, he started working on the Hulkbuster's arms.

Once the frame and the skeleton of the arms were attached to the bearing, he installed the motor gearbox to make the bearing spin around and a pump for the 2 cylinders that go around the arms. He then installed the batteries and the mechanisms/controls that he used to make the robot move and then the chair in which he was going to be sitting in. And the final part of this project was the test that proved that it was a success. In his video, he says that it was the most complicated project he's ever worked on and it took longer than 2 months to put together.

Click here to see the video!

3. The X-Men Magneto Shoes

For this extraordinary project, Colin put his childhood enthusiasm and adult knowledge to work and he put together a pair of gravity-defying shoes inspired by the movie X-Men that allowed him to walk on the ceiling of his garage while he dangled upside-down.

He started off by collecting old microwaves from his local scrap yard for a cheap alternative to electromagnets. Then, he took out the magnetic coil from the transformers in the microwaves and ran an electric current through them in order to create a strong electromagnet. After he tested the magnets and was able to confirm that each can hold up to 80 kg of weight, he strapped the contraption on a pair of shoes.

The most demanding part of this process was actually learning to walk on the ceiling with the electromagnetic shoes while he was taking steps because he had to prevent the shoe that had no power from falling to the ground.

The solution to his problems was a switch attached to each shoe that he was going to be able to control with his hands – that way, he was able to switch each foot on and off individually, and then he attached robes to the magnetic shoes to lift them while he is upside down and guide them along the ceiling.

Click here to see the full video.

Which of these inventions did you like the most? Do you have any ideas for interesting inventions yourself? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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