Gwyneth Paltrow, 50, Reveals That the Key to Her Ageless Skin Is a Special Facial Oil

6 months ago

At 50, Gwyneth Paltrow’s complexion is still radiant and flawless, and just by looking at her, we would never imagine that she suffers from skin problems. However, the actress, who has a very particular beauty routine, has opened up about how she treats her skin and the one secret that keeps her looking so youthful.

She suffers from dry skin.

Paltrow recently shared a video on her Instagram where she looks fresh-faced and talks about her skin regimen.

She shared that her ’’skin tends to get really really parched,’’ and in order to deal with it, she is ’’constantly layering on face oil and moisturizer all the time.’’

The GOOP founder then revealed that her must-have ’’nourishing’’ product is her company’s oil, which contains ’’a natural retinol alternative and 9 powerful nutrient-dense oils.’’

She went on to explain that the oil, which has a unique texture, smooths out any existing wrinkles and makes the skin appear brighter and youthful.

Paltrow’s winter beauty routine

The beauty guru’s dry skin gets worse in wintertime, especially when she’s going on ski trips with her family given that ’’altitude exacerbates the dryness even more.’’

So Paltrow shared the exact routine she meticulously follows in winter in order to keep her skin well protected.

  • She uses an eye mask with a concentrated serum to depuff her eyes because ’’dry skin makes crow’s feet more pronounced.’’
  • She then applies her nourishing face oil, which makes the ’’skin look firmer’’ and helps the ’’wrinkles look smoothed out.’’
  • She uses body butter on her legs that she ’’could not live without.’’ Paltrow also says, ’’The way it makes the light hit your legs is incredible.’’
  • She uses a ’’rich and concentrated’’ balm that ’’solves all your problems — from head to toe.’’
    The actress explained that she applies it to her chapped lips, elbows, cuticles, or anywhere else that needs extra moisturizing.
  • She then applies her ’’clean lip balm with this super moisturizing formula,’’ which she might also add to her cheeks for extra color. She noted, ’’I need lip balm every 2 minutes basically.’’

Paltrow is the queen of beauty tips, and here are more secrets to her ageless look. In our previous articles, we’ve also shed some light on both Martha Stewart’s and Vera Wang’s secrets for their ever-lasting youthful skin.

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