Halle Berry Reveals How She Keeps Her Youthful Appearance at Age 56

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Whether it is her iconic Catwoman role in 2004 or her more recent one in John Wick, Halle Berry does not get tired of inspiring us with her incredible look. Her fans may wonder how she has such a perfect body at the age of 56, and she’s opened up about her secret.

It comes from her childhood.

Sports have always been a part of Berry’s life. “I grew up doing gymnastics, so core training has always been a big part of my workout routine,” she shared. However, after having children, it became difficult to keep in shape. And she realized she had to work much harder to preserve the body she had built.

Motion is the key.

Berry revealed that the biggest realization was that “you have to constantly switch things up—otherwise, you don’t see change or definition.” Hence, she never sticks to one specific exercise regimen. Her personal trainer, instead, challenges her with new activities.

The secret to her perfect body is quite unexpected.

Over the years, Halle has tried many different approaches to building the perfect body. However, she revealed that “one of the biggest game-changers for my abs over the years has been martial arts.” Usually, from 30% to 50% of her exercise routine consists of mixed martial arts (MMA), like jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and Capoeira. She explains that while practicing MMA, you’re constantly using your core.

“You’re constantly bracing, twisting, and ducking,” she said. “It’s a recipe for really strong abs.”

Though, she also sticks to a proper diet.

Besides a thorough approach to her workout routine, Berry is also very concerned about what she eats. Halle follows a Keto diet, making her meals, in general, low carb — high fat.

However, the most crucial part of her food routine is breakfast. Berry’s breakfast is not complete without 2 ingredients — eggs and avocados. “I like egg whites, avocados... I’ll cook the eggs in avocado oil,” Halle said. She also makes sure to include vegetables in her breakfast and, more often than not, it’s tomatoes.

However, it’s all about balance, after all.

Still, Berry understands that it is not good to constantly keep your body under stress. That’s why, when it’s not required for her job, her routine calms down. “I settled into a routine of 4 hour-long workouts per week,” she shared. It helps her to keep her body fit but not overwhelm herself with extra stress.


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