Harsh Comments Didn’t Stop a 29-Year-Old Model From Finally Marrying Her Love, a 75-Year-Old Billionaire

8 months ago

Love has changed over time. In the past, people had less choice in whom they married, especially in small communities. Nowadays, love is more about personal choice and freedom. It’s a reminder that love evolves with us.

Whether it’s a couple with a significant age difference or two individuals at different stages of life, love can flourish and thrive. Age becomes irrelevant in the face of genuine connection and affection.

We often hear that love knows no age and no boundaries.

Co Ngan, a 29-year-old Vietnamese model, tied the knot with Wynn Katz, a 75-year-old entrepreneur from Los Angeles. Their love story began on Instagram, where Co Ngan connected with Wynn, the owner and designer of the Rough Roses brand. They later met in person during one of Wynn’s business trips to Vietnam and instantly fell in love.

Their relationship had its ups and downs.

Despite facing multiple breakups, the couple ultimately solidified their love through marriage. Co Ngan firmly believes that Wynn is her soulmate, stating: “He is the love of my life, I am sure of it.”

Unfortunately, their relationship faced harsh criticism, with the model enduring hurtful and derogatory comments.

The most common remark from users was: “You’re solely interested in his wealth.” Other users said: “You’re just anticipating inheriting his fortune,” while many others simply accused her: “You’re a gold-digger!”

She never had hidden intentions.

But Co Ngan passionately defends herself from the criticism: “For me, it’s always been just a matter of the heart. I really love him.” As a famous model and celebrity, she is financially secure and can indulge in luxuries without relying on her partners’ wealth.

The couple can be seen a lot on TikTok creating mocking funny videos as a response to the hateful users.

The marriage of Co Ngan and Wynn Katz isn’t the only example out there. Many more couples already proved the theory of age being just a number. Love is flourishing no matter the difference between the partners.


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be honest, if he was just on ordinary income, she'd not love him . but they both know that it's a transaction that suits them


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