16 Couples Who Prove Age Has Nothing to Do With True Love

10 months ago

There’s a famous quote that says, “Love has no age, no limit, and no death.” That’s because 2 people can fall in love and connect in a deeper way regardless of how close their years of birth are. No one knows what attracts 2 people, but in every case, it’s something different. We’re just happy that people are able to find love and don’t let anyone ruin that for them.

1. “We had a lovely, low-key anniversary. I’m 28, he is 48.”

2. “38(F) and 56(M) — next month will be one year for us!”

3. “3 years and many more to come”

4. “At the top of the Eiffel Tower where I picked up the tab for an expensive meal and confused all the servers [31(F), 65(M)]”

5. “32(F) and 61(M) — 4 years together, a little less than a year married.”

“I used to be insecure about people looking at us weird, but now I don’t think twice about it.”

6. “Defying the odds since 2019, but hunny bun and I (23 and 54) will always cherish our adventures (31-year gap).”

7. “43(F) and 28(M), 3.5 years together and so happy”

8. “Beauties, 22(F) and 38(M)”

9. “Our 22-year age gap relationship; me, 21, him, 43”

10. “My dear, 17-year age gap (47M, 30F)”

11. “16-year age gap”

12. “17-year age gap, 27(F) and 45(M). We’ve been together since 2019, married in 2022.”

13. “Let love lead.”

14. “My travel partner, my concert companion, my source of cozy, healing, synchronized, loving goodness, 24-year gap”

15. “I love us! 42(F) and 21(M). Met on the job, had no idea our age gap was so large, but it’s no big deal. Our love definitely is a really big deal.”

16. “Together for 2 years now (28-year age gap)!”


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