Henry Cavill’s Heart of Steel Belongs to a Woman Who’s His Partner in Both Life and Business

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Henry Cavill has not only been named the sexiest man in the world many times, but he’s also been the picture of a perfect man for many women around the globe. Unfortunately for his fans, but very fortunately for Henry himself, he’s been off the market since 2021. Cavill found his love in Natalie Viscuso, a Hollywood executive who’s worked on several of the actor’s movies.

Upon looking into their relationship, we can safely say that they’re both all in. Keep reading to find out what makes this happy couple so dreamy.

They challenge each other.

Cavill chose a perfect way to introduce the world to his girlfriend, he praised her intelligence and beauty, while looking at her with so much love that anyone would’ve instantly melted. He posted the photo of them playing chess to his Instagram and captioned it: “This is me looking quietly confident shortly before my beautiful and brilliant love, Natalie, destroys me at chess.” It takes a big man to admit his woman’s superiority, and we respect it.

But Viscuso also finds herself needing to keep up with Henry, especially when it comes to his physical hobbies. He often takes part in various athletic challenges, and encourages Natalie to join him, whenever possible. We guess you could say the couple that works out together, stays together.

Natalie is Henry’s greatest supporter.

No relationship is complete without the 2 people being each other’s biggest fans, and Viscuso has already proven that she’s always there for Cavill. A little while ago, The Hollywood Reporter did a profile on Henry, and Natalie was so moved by it that she instantly took to Instagram to express exactly how proud of him she was. Viscuso wrote: “You truly are the greatest man I have ever known... SO PROUD I’m literally crying.”

They share the same passion.

Evan Agostini/Invision/East News, Evan Agostini/Invision/East News

Considering that Natalie is a Hollywood executive and Henry is an actor, who’s very passionate about his projects, the couple found the perfect outlet for their shared interest. Cavill and Viscuso are working together to adapt the Warhammer games into a TV series. Henry announced the collaboration on his IG: “Now, after 22 years of experience in this industry, I finally feel that I have the skill set and experience to guide a Warhammer Cinematic Universe into life. Partnering with Natalie Viscuso at Vertigo has been a blessing beyond words, without her, we might not have found the perfect home at Amazon.”

Viscuso seems to be overjoyed to join Cavill on this adventure. She also responded to the announcement by explaining how much it means to her that her boyfriend trusted her with this special project. Natalie shared: “Fantasy, horror, and sci-fi are the bedrock of my creative language, so when Henry introduced me to Warhammer a couple of years ago, I immediately felt at home.” We already can’t wait to see their professional love child!

They’re both the biggest dog-people.

Cavill is very openly a dog person through and through. The actor always brings his dog, Kal, to work whenever he needs to travel, and considers Kal his best friend: “He really is (my best friend). We go everywhere together. He’s 8 now, and he has saved my emotional, psychological bacon plenty of times.”

Coincidentally, Natalie has also had the best dog friend, Meat, for over 14 years now. Just like Henry, she often posts her sweet pooch on her IG, and they seem to be inseparable. At this point, we’re sure Kal and Meat are best friends, and the 4 of them go on the most fun walks ever.

Henry is very protective of Natalie.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News, Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News

At the start of their relationship, Henry and Natalie went through a lot of online criticism. It got so bad that Cavill had to step in and put an end to it once and for all.

He wrote on his IG: “There has been lots of, let’s call it speculation for now, about my private life and professional partnerships...I know it can be fun to speculate, to gossip...but your ‘passion’ is misplaced, and it causes harm to the people I care about most... I am very happy in love, and in life. I’d be enormously grateful if you were happy with me.”

We have absolutely no doubt that these 2 might be soulmates. What common traits do you share with your partner? Or do you believe that opposites work better together?

Preview photo credit Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News, henrycavill / Instagram


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This is very sweet. I sincerely hope that Henry, Natalie and their two doggos are forever blissfully happy 😊! Everyone deserves to find their soulmate and if they believe that of each other, who is any one else to judge them. I wish them all the best.


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