How 23 Celebrities Who Won “Hottest Man Alive” Have Changed Since Their Youth

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People magazine has already awarded more than 30 people the title of “Hottest Man Alive,” and it is not the first time we see these men on our screens. We somewhat remember younger versions of them in some TV shows or old movies, and it is clear that they have achieved a lot in the last decades, Let us see how the winners have changed since the years of their youth.

Denzel Washington, “Hottest Man Alive” of 1996

Richard Gere, “Hottest Man Alive” of 1999

Brad Pitt, “Hottest Man Alive” of 1995 and 2000

Pierce Brosnan, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2001

Ben Affleck, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2002

Jude Law, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2004

George Clooney, “Hottest Man Alive” of 1997 and 2006

Matt Damon, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2007

Hugh Jackman, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2008

Johnny Depp, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2003 and 2009

Ryan Reynolds, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2010

Bradley Cooper, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2011

Channing Tatum, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2012

Adam Levine, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2013

Chris Hemsworth, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2014

David Beckham, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2015

Dwayne Johnson, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2016

Blake Shelton, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2017

Idris Elba, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2018

John Legend, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2019

Michael B. Jordan, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2020

Paul Rudd, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2021

Chris Evans, “Hottest Man Alive” of 2022

In your opinion, what is the secret that makes some people look better with age? Who would you add to this list?


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I would add Gavin Rossdale to this list. He hasn't been named, but he should have. He was amazing in Constantine and he's been in several other movies in small parts. He's a very good looking man.


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