I Told My Friend Her Husband Is Cheating on Her, Now I’m Her Worst Enemy

7 months ago

A happy and strong marriage can suddenly turn into a fragile union which can fall apart quickly when infidelity appears on the spouses’ doorstep. Our today’s heroine is currently living in a real drama, and she got involved into it against her own will. She has accidentally found out that her best friend’s husband is cheating on her, and now she’s devastated, as she doubts whether she served the bitter truth to her friend in a right way.

The woman became a witness of her friend’s family drama.

A desperate woman, whose name is Julia, wrote a letter to our editorial and told her very complex life story. She sounded pretty much at a loss, because she appeared in a situation when she was made guilty without being guilty, and almost lost her best friend.

She began her story, saying that she and her bestie, whose name is Sarah, have been friends for over 20 years. Their friendship started in an elementary school, when they instantly felt that bond between them. The two have been inseparable since then. They went through many life events together, always being there for one another. When Julia divorced her husband because of his bad habits and toxic treatment, Sarah was the one to lend her a hand.

Julia continues her story, saying, that when Sarah met her husband and then got married, she was the one who was always welcome in their family. Sarah and her spouse often invited Julia to stay with them over the weekend. She even moved in with them a couple of times, when she had difficulties with accommodation.

She literally became close friends also with Sarah’s husband, and when they welcomed their first child, Julia became his godmother. The relationship between them all was smooth and cordial, until one day when Julia became a witness of Sarah’s husband’s infidelity.

One day changed everything in Julia’s life.

One day, Julia went to a café to have dinner with her colleague. When they were looking through the menu, she raised her eyes for a moment and saw Sarah’s husband sitting right at the next table. He was kissing a red-haired woman, who obviously wasn’t Sarah. When the woman turned back, Julia saw that this person was very familiar to her.

What is more, she was familiar to Sarah, too, as this was her college friend, with whom she had been staying in touch and had a very warm relationship. Julia recalls that at the very same moment she had an urge to come to their table and to call Sarah with a video just to show her what was going on behind her back. But she didn’t do that, and she wasn’t even sure at first if she should tell Sarah about her husband’s affair or just let it go.

Julia wrote that she hesitated for a week, and it was absolutely impossible for her to see how her friend was living with a cheater, who pretended to be a perfect and loving husband and acted as if nothing had happened. One day, when she came to her friend’s home, she decided to tell her the truth.

Julia didn’t expect to be blamed for everything after just telling the truth.

As Julia wrote in her letter, the reaction of her friend after she finally revealed the truth to her, was absolutely not what she had expected. Previously, Julia had found out that Sarah’s husband had been having an affair for 5 years, and she also told this to her. But she reacted in a weird way, saying that she doesn’t believe a word of what her friend was saying, and started blaming Julia of just being spiteful and envious because of her own failed marriage.

Julia wrote, that she is now absolutely desperate, as Sarah stopped communicating with her, and now she can say their friendship is gone. Moreover, her best friend continues to live with a cheater, and, as Julia wrote, “She is now drowning in a pool of lies.” The woman sincerely believes that she should take some further action, but she’s not sure which way to go. She asked us to help her solve this situation and advise her on what her next steps might be in this pity conflict.

We’d recommend Julia to keep the things as they are and not to interfere more.

We’re very thankful to Julia for her trust in sharing the issue with us. We’d advise her not to interfere more into the things and leave it to her friend to decide on how she wants to proceed with her marriage. Even if it hurts to see how your best friend is being lied to, it’s better not to be too persistent in trying to solve her family issue. Sarah is a grown up woman, and she will make her own choice, even if she prefers to close her eyes in the face of her husband’s infidelity and live as if nothing has happened.

And here are the subtle signs that a person might be cheating on you.


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she probably is cheating on him and doesn't want that to come out as well! Usually that is what is happening when a woman reacts like that to the news of her husbands cheating.


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