Jennifer Lopez, 53, Stuns in a Brave Video as She Shares Her Surprisingly Affordable Beauty Trick

year ago

With zero makeup and no filters on, J.Lo was still the picture of perfection as she shared her beauty routine. And the star gave away the surprisingly affordable item that helps her look all the more stunning during her glamorous red carpet events.

A candid glimpse into her routine

Lopez shared a Get-ready-with-me video on Instagram just before her big evening at this year’s Met Gala. And she didn’t shy away from starting it by showing millions of followers her all-natural face and casual outfit.

The artist appeared relaxed, wearing a silk tank top and her hair pulled back.

She keeps away from the sun at all costs.

She started by applying a beauty serum from her own line to her face and neck for a ’’beautiful glow.’’
She then put on SPF 30 and made sure to clarify a misconception about her.

The star noted ’’people think of me as bronzy and like always in the sun and stuff like that. But the truth is, I did not take a bunch of sun.’’ She went on explaining that instead, she does ’’self-tan and bronzers’’ and insisted that staying away from the sun and using a sunscreen every day is crucial.

Everyone can get their hands on this beauty item.

And another interesting tip that got revealed in the video is that the Hustlers star uses fake eyelashes that cost only $8 and can be found at any regular drugstore.

She looked as radiant as ever

Speaking of the look for the night, her makeup artist, Ash K Holm, explained that they chose ’’sultry and ethereal and letting her natural beauty shine through the makeup.’

Lopez turned heads at the Met Gala wearing a halter gown and pink silk satin skirt, but people quickly noticed that an important person wasn’t there with her, and here is why.


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I think she looked younger before the make-up but maybe it was just the coverage that she needed for the time of the appearance and setting. She was beautiful, as usual, that goes without saying.


I tried fake eyelashes once, the looked quite good from afar but after a couple of hours they started moving and ended up falling... I guess I'm not good putting them on :(


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