Mark Ruffalo Just Received His Walk of Fame Star and Recreated Iconic Scene With Jennifer Garner

2 months ago

In a star-studded ceremony that lit up Hollywood Boulevard, Mark Ruffalo, the acclaimed actor known for his versatile performances, has just been honored with a well-deserved star on the iconic Walk of Fame. The celebration took an unexpected turn when Ruffalo, joined by his longtime friend and co-star Jennifer Garner, delighted fans by recreating a memorable scene from their beloved film 13 Going on 30.

Mark Ruffalo received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Recently, the illustrious Hollywood Walk of Fame welcomed another luminary into its iconic constellation as Mark Ruffalo was honored with a star. The ceremony, attended by Ruffalo’s wife Sunrise Coigney and two of their children, Bella and Keen, became a family affair that radiated joy and pride. Jennifer Garner, a longtime friend and co-star, played a pivotal role in the induction, helping immortalize Ruffalo’s contributions to the world of entertainment.

Jennifer Garner surprised the actor with her kind words.


In a touching and heartfelt tribute during Mark Ruffalo’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Jennifer Garner took the stage to surprise the honoree with a cascade of kind words and reminiscences. Garner, reflecting on the enduring success of their beloved film 13 Going on 30, expressed gratitude for being part of a cinematic gem that continues to resonate with audiences, even inspiring Halloween costumes.

With a touch of humor, she playfully credited Ruffalo for unwittingly setting a trend in rom-com aesthetics with his signature scruffy hair and untucked, cute button-down shirts. Garner mused about the shared experiences with fellow leading ladies and even teased about Ruffalo’s initial reluctance during rehearsals, particularly for “The Thriller” dance.

Despite the light-hearted banter, Garner emphasized the genuine affection and admiration she holds for Ruffalo, acknowledging his authenticity, talent, and the undeniable impact of his work in projects like Poor Things, declaring him deserving of all accolades.

They decided to recreate an iconic scene.

In a delightful and spontaneous turn of events, the actor and his longtime friend Jennifer Garner decided to revisit the past by recreating an iconic scene. Mark, ever the good sport, embraced the nostalgia and willingly took on the challenge of striking the legendary “Thriller” pose alongside Jennifer, reminiscent of their famous dance scene from 13 Going on 30. Surprisingly, Mark’s enthusiasm for the recreation stood in contrast to his initial reservations during the original filming of the dance sequence.


Another recent reunion was the one of the Home Alone cast that tugged at the heartstrings of fans worldwide. In a genuinely emotional moment, Catherine O’Hara, the iconic actress behind the beloved character of Kate McCallister, delivered a speech that left none other than Macaulay Culkin, the former child star of the film, visibly moved to tears.

Preview photo credit MICHAEL TRAN / AFP / East News, MICHAEL TRAN / AFP / East News, 13 Going on 30 / Revolution Studios and co-producer


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