Mom, Who Birthed 12 Kids in 12 Years, Debunks Myths About the Life of Her Huge Family

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6 months ago

All families are unique, but there are families that manage to take parenthood to another level. Such is the family of Courtney Rogers, who gave birth to 12 kids, and now she and her husband are brilliantly coping with their ginormous brood. Courtney faces a lot of myths that people create about their life, and today she’s taken to the internet to shed a real light on how they actually live as a family of 14.

The unusual family has drawn a lot of people’s attention.

Courtney Rogers and her husband Chris, a church pastor, have recently welcomed their 12th child, baby Cambria.

Living on a sprawling 12-acre farm surrounded by 140 animals, the devoted stay-at-home mother and her loving partner Chris now find themselves at the helm of a picture-perfect family consisting of six boys and six girls. Reflecting on their extraordinary journey, Courtney shares, “It truly feels like something special.”

The happy family is often named a real-life version of the classic comedy movie Cheaper by the Dozen, and their fame is skyrocketing in the social media.

The fame resulted in a lot of myths and guesses about the family.

Being a really large and outstanding family has become quite a challenge for both parents and their kids. In her recent post Courtney addressed all rumors and myths about big families and their lives. She wrote, “Welcome, new followers! Here are some things that AREN’T true about our large family. You other large families chime in with any other ‘myths’ that I forgot to mention.”

The mom of 12 recorded a video where she listed the most common statements that people made about her big brood, and the post resulted in many comments. Among the most annoying myths the mom mentioned the following:

  • “We use food stamps and WIC to feed our kids.”
  • “We wear matching clothes all year round, because our photos prove so.”
  • “Our oldest sons raise the kids, because they’re holding a baby in a group photo.”
  • “My bones are crumbling, and my teeth are falling out from having so many kids.”
  • “We have lived in help or maids.”
  • “We used fertility treatments.”
  • “We used gender selection to get 6 boys and 6 girls.”

Courtney insists that her family lives an ordinary life and is ready to prove it.

Courtney insists that all these statements are absolutely false, and asks people to stop inventing stories about the life of her big and happy family. She even shared some of her tips that help her wisely spend the family budget, and turns out, the woman is just putting “cheap” in “cheaper by the dozen”.

The mom ditched luxuries from her home and only buys her kids the bare necessities. They have a “no spend January” plan that forbids the purchase of anything but basic groceries. “Meatless Mondays” are another feature of the family, meaning the mom cooks cheaper vegetarian meals for her growing clan. The woman has also banned movie rentals, streaming services and clothing purchases for the entire month.

“No outings that cost money and no fun purchases are allowed such as toys and home décor,” the super-saver mom claims.

The story of Courtney Rogers is not the only one that makes us admire the heroic mom. There’s a woman who, at 23 years old, has 11 babies and doesn’t plan to stop at this point. Learn more on how she copes with her big family alone, and maybe this story will become your own daily dose of wonder.


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