My Husband Is Ashamed of Me and Wants Me to Get Botox, I Want a Divorce

7 months ago

All of us have a right to choose whether we prefer to age naturally or want to change something in our appearance. But it’s one thing to decide to change our own face with Botox, fillers, or surgery, and entirely another thing to be told by your beloved that you should change your appearance. Our today’s heroine is a woman who thinks her marriage is broken, all because of her husband being insensitive and asking her to do Botox.

The woman’s marriage had been happy and blissful from the start.

A woman named Hannah wrote us a letter that was both a cry for help and an outburst of emotional pain and frustration. She began her letter, writing that she’s 39 years old and her husband is 30. Despite the age difference, she has never been bothered by the fact that her spouse looked a tad younger than her. Their union was happy, and she had always been feeling loved, admired and cherished by her husband. He gave her expensive presents, never forgot about their wedding anniversary and they had been through many tough things together.

She couldn’t conceive for a long time, but the couple tried for many years, and finally, at the age of 38 Hannah gave birth to a wonderful baby girl, Linda. All seemed just fantastic, but Hannah’s husband suddenly started behaving in a very strange way.

Hannah’s husband became a totally another person after their baby was born.

Hannah continues her letter, saying, that after the birth of their baby, her husband started behaving in a very strange way. She writes, “After Linda was born, all my time became hers. I spent the whole days with her, paying attention to her timely milestones and development, playing and walking with her, reading, singing for her, and what not. Of course, I didn’t have enough time for myself, but I think this is what all moms experience, especially during the first year after a baby is born. I even liked my post-baby appearance, thinking that my facial features and body have become even more feminine.”

Hannah continues, saying, " I let my hair grow and I thought that I even looked younger with it, but my husband appeared to have another opinion. I noticed that he avoided hugging or kissing me, and he kept suggesting that I should go to a hairdresser and cut my hair. Once, he handed me a card with the contacts of a cosmetologist, saying that I might want to make an appointment and he would stay with Linda while I’ll be busy with myself."

Hannah wrote that her husband had always been in love with the way she looked, and he had never suggested she change anything in her appearance before. But things went even further when one day, he said they needed to talk. He then said that Hannah’s face gained new wrinkles after she gave birth and that she started to look older. He said that he absolutely couldn’t stand it when Hannah smiled or laughed because her mimic wrinkles became even more visible. And then he suggested her to go get some Botox and even suggested to pay the full bill for it.

Hannah wrote that at that very moment, her world was shattered. She couldn’t come to terms with the thought that she was no longer attractive to her spouse, and she totally refused to go through any cosmetic procedures.

The woman’s self-confidence was totally ruined by her husband’s suggestion.

Hannah wrote that starting from that very moment of their talk, she felt that she was unattractive. More than that, the woman claims that this seemingly innocent suggestion made her feel ugly. She says, “Just a couple of months ago, I was in love with the new features of my face and body that I got after I became a mother. But now, while I approach a mirror, I want to cry. I suddenly started noticing all the extra pounds that I gained during pregnancy. And now I can say how many wrinkles I have on my face because I am literally scrutinizing them now. I am thinking about divorcing my husband because he was the person who totally ruined my self-esteem, and now I’m broken.”

We’d advise Hannah not to hurry up with the divorce.

We strongly feel for Hannah and understand what she may be going through right now, but we’d advise her not to rush about ending her relationship with her husband. Of course, his suggestion may seem rude and inappropriate. The way he served it, saying that he couldn’t stand seeing her smiling, only added a negative tone to the whole story. But, on the other hand, this might have been an attempt to make Hannah feel life again, as she became too dedicated to her motherhood and forgot about herself.

This way or that, we’d suggest Hannah try and find a “golden mean” between what she wants to do and what her husband suggests. Going to a hairdresser, buying new clothes or new makeup for herself might cheer her up and make her more self-confident without any Botox. And then, talking to her husband and expressing all her feelings may be the key to their mutual understanding and a happy family.

And here are the stories of celebrities who didn’t refuse cosmetic procedures but now regret having them done.

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