People Are Sharing the Dumbest Lies They Believed as Children, and It’s Hilarious

2 years ago

Whether they’re told for fun or to get your children to do or not do something, a small lie now and then can’t be harmful to their development. Harmless lies are an inevitable part of growing up, and we have all once believed them. Even though some people believed those little fibs until embarrassingly old age, they still remember them as a cute and funny memory.

Bright Side wants to invite you to take a closer look at the lies these people believed back in their childhood. As they are among the most common deceptions for kids, we’re sure that you will relate to at least some of them.

  • “The hazard button in a car will blow the car up.” © -s***derz/reddit
  • “When I was a kid, I asked my dad if reading enough books really could give you telekinesis (Matilda). He said yes. I spent many years after that thinking I just wasn’t doing enough!” © seeyouinthesun/reddit
  • “My parents told me that flushing anything but toilet paper, pee, and poop could get me arrested. If you flush something like a paper towel, they can track it back to the exact house!” © steve-d/reddit
  • “My mom rented The NeverEnding Story and my dad told me if I tried to watch it I’d have to sit there forever because it never ended. I remember being thankful for my dad’s warning and wondering why mom would do that to me.” © quinpon64337_x/reddit
  • “That the draining sound of the water in the bathtub was a monster that would suck you in as well. A lie made to get me out of the bath.” © Roefl/reddit
  • “I once thought academic scholarships were only given to dumb students so that some of them could still attend college. I even told my older brother that he was so stupid, he had to get scholarships to go to college. He went to and Ivy League.” © mywifemademegetthis/reddit
  • “The button on your armrest on airplanes is the eject button. I found out it reclines your seat embarrassingly late.” © Nrd4Life/reddit
  • “My dad told me that the reason why police officers spend so much time at donut shops is that the shop owners actually need them there to shoot the holes in the pastries to provide them with the classic donut shape. I found out this was a lie when my dad caught me trying to get behind the counter at Dunkin Donuts one time because I ’wanted to see the shooting.’” © captainserious_19/reddit
  • “The ice cream man played music to let everyone know he was out of ice cream.” © Coza1990/reddit
  • “My dad told me he didn’t have a middle name because his parents couldn’t afford one. I believed this for a shockingly long time. I had no reason to doubt him and I knew his family was poor...” © Boon_dock_saints/reddit
  • “My mom used to tell me birds have wings and can fly because they eat a lot of fruits and veggies. I wanted to fly but instead just ended up with healthy eating habits. She Pavloved me real good.” © dreamweavur/reddit
  • “Sometimes when we asked for McDonald’s my dad would say no but turn in any way and say the car was doing it by itself. I believed him every time and thought the car was just my homie.” © childofthefall/reddit
  • “That if you sit too close to the TV or computer screen you’ll go blind. I was told that during the summer of fifth grade, then I got glasses in sixth grade. All I heard was a ‘told you...’ as I tried on my first pair of glasses and was told that my sister (1 year younger) won’t need glasses because she listened. She got her glasses less than a year later.” © tecoyeah/reddit
  • “That our entire house was covered by cork-sized security cameras and that my parents could see my every move.” © exeL4n/reddit
  • “My mom told me my birthmark was a coffee stain from when she accidentally spilled coffee on me as a baby. I believed it until I was like, 11.” © _Evildogooder_/reddit
  • “When I was a child, I got upset after a button came off of my shirt. My mother told me not to worry and that if I placed the button under a rock in the yard, the button fairy would replace it with a quarter. I believed it, and to my mother’s dismay, she discovered I had pulled the buttons off of every shirt in my closet. To this day, 40 years later, shirt buttons can still be found under random rocks in my parents’ backyard.” © denrad/reddit
  • “I believed that the crust on the bread had all the vitamins and the center parts were empty calories.” © brianboogie/reddit
  • “You know how Barbie feet are on tippy toes so they are shaped to fit into a high heel shoe? Well when I was a kid, I thought that when girls grew up into women that their feet would be shaped like that. Despite the fact that I lived in a house with 4 grown women, none of whom had Barbie feet.” © YaBoyfriendKeefa/reddit
  • “I was ’in’ on this lie between my mom and younger sister. My sister was about 5 years old at the time, and my mom convinced her that Benadryl was a ’truth serum.’ My mom would threaten to give it to my sister if she knew she was lying. It was so hilarious, but my sister seriously believed it and would get upset.” © badgalbb22/reddit
  • “Dad told us his dried apricots were monkey ears so we wouldn’t eat them.”
    © williamgilmore88/reddit
  • “That if you swallow gum it would take 7 years for it to come out.” © TheRevolutionaryArmy/reddit

Do any of these seem familiar to you? Which lies did you believe as a kid?

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