Rob Lowe Revealed the Secrets to His Loving 31-Year Marriage

Discover the secrets to a lasting marriage from Hollywood veteran Rob Lowe. Alongside his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, the couple celebrated 31 years of marriage. In a recent interview, Lowe shared some candid insights into their relationship and what he believes is essential for any couple to achieve their own happily-ever-after. Keep reading to learn more!

Forgiveness is key.

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Rob Lowe first met his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, a makeup artist, on a blind date in 1983. Although it didn’t work out then, the pair later reconnected in 1990 on the set of the film Bad Influence. They finally hit it off, and by 1991 they were married.

Recently, during an episode of the podcast Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi, the actor opened up about the importance of finding the right person for you and his secrets to maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship.

To Lowe, marrying your best friend is essential. “[Marriage] is hard anywhere, it is not just Hollywood — it’s everywhere,” he began. “Sheryl was and is my best friend. So if you marry for anything other than the fact that she is your best friend, you’re at a disadvantage from the jump, because that will sustain when the other stuff ebbs and flows.”

But that’s not it, one of the secrets to keep the relationship going and growing is the ability to forgive, according to the Hollywood star. “People say marriage takes work. I’m not sure if it takes work, but what it does take is forgiveness, and being really cognizant of what hill you’re willing to die on,” he said.

The physical spark can’t die.

Something else that’s critical for the survival of a relationship as time goes by is physical attraction and connection, according to the actor. “I do believe you need the heat for sure,” he admitted. “If you don’t have the heat — and that’s a chemical thing — I mean I still have it with Sheryl, you gotta keep the heat (...) That comes and goes too, there are times when you are like, ’Nah.’ And then there are times when you are wild for somebody.”

Although these tips might not work for everyone, it sure seems to be working out for Rob and his wife Sheryl, who built a beautiful family and whose love story is thriving. The couple shares 2 sons, Matthew Edward and John Owen Lowe, 30 and 28, respectively, and they are on track to celebrate their 32nd year of marriage in July 2023.


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Congrats on 32 years to this beautiful couple and their family. I wish them another 32 years together.


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