Taylor Swift’s Fans Ask Her to Break Up With Travis Kelce Following “Worrying” Behavior at the Super Bowl

2 months ago

Taylor Swift was seen lovingly celebrating with Travis Kelce his 2024 Super Bowl win, but although the singer’s fans are usually very supportive of their relationship, something suddenly changed. Several of Swift’s fans took to social media to urge her to end her relationship with the NFL player after they spotted a “red-flag” mid-match, which was caught on cameras.

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Taylor Swift has been dating Travis Kelce since at least September 2023, and her fans seem to have been nothing but supportive of the couple. So much so, Kelce’s jersey sales soared shortly after they became official.

However, when Kelce, who plays as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, was seen taking out his frustration over a failed offensive play on his team’s head coach Andy Reid, the tide seemingly turned against him.

X, formerly known as Twitter, was quickly flooded with tweets regarding his reaction, and people shared the general opinion that Swift should break up the relationship. “Travis Kelce is a red flag. That aggression isn’t what Taylor needs,” one user wrote; “Taylor needs to leave this man and save her reputation,” another one shared.

Some even went further and showed a sense of urgency, saying she should break it off right after the match itself: “What kind of man assaults his coach for taking him out for a play? I hope Taylor Swift breaks up with Travis Kelce after the game.”

When questioned about the incident, coach Reid quickly came to Kelce’s defense and admitted that the tight end even apologized for it later. “He caught me when I wasn’t looking,” he said. “Then he came and gave me a hug and said, ’Sorry about that.’”

“He just wants to be on the field, and he wants to play, and so there’s nobody I get better than I get him,” Reid explained. “He’s a competitive kid, he loves to play, and he makes me feel young, but my balance is terrible,” he joked.

You can watch the full moment here:

People often share their unfiltered opinion to celebrities online. However, not every person in the spotlight ignores it; some acknowledge it in the best way possible. For example, Meg Ryan was called “unrecognizable” after appearing in public, but she called out the trolls in an interview.

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