Test: Which Family Would You Be in If You Were in the Harry Potter World

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In childhood, many of us wanted to get into the magic world of Harry Potter: get a letter from Hogwarts and study at the legendary school. Some people imagined themselves as brave guys from Gryffindor, some — as cunning kids of Slytherin, and others preferred Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

We at Bright Side are grown-ups, but we still want to get our owl with a letter. And we’re wondering: if our childhood dreams came true, which family would we be born into? We decided to make a test to find out.

1. Did you dream of getting a Hogwarts letter as a child?

A. I didn’t really want one. There are better schools.

B. What do you mean “dream”? I just knew it would happen.

C. I was looking forward to getting one, even though I didn’t really believe I would.

D. I never thought that could happen to me.

2. Which school house would you like to be in?

A. Only Slytherin.

B. Anything but Slytherin.

C. I don’t care much, I just want to be in Hogwarts.

D. Law or economics. What do you mean they don’t have them?

3. What do you think about muggles?

A. I don’t want to hear about them.

B. If we all get along, the world will be a much better place.

C. I don’t think about them, there are more interesting things to think about.

D. What, again?

4. What’s your favorite subject?

A. Any, I just want to be friends with the professor.

B. Muggle studies.

C. I like science, like biology and animal science.

D. Something logical and rational: numerology, or even math.

5. Your best friends — what are they like?

A. Standing next to them, I look like a star!

B. Ready to do anything for me, and I’m ready to do anything for them.

C. I don’t really have friends, but there’s a group I’d like to be friends with.

D. Respectable, with a spotless reputation.

6. What house would you like to live in?

А. Gorgeous family mansion.

B. Doesn’t matter. It has to be cozy and be filled with the voices of people I love.

C. Small house, far from any noise.

D. Good house in a prestigious neighborhood.

7. What do you prefer to have for dinner?

A. Something delicate, worthy of the best houses in London.

B. Anything my mom makes.

C. Something unusual that nobody has ever tried.

D. Something tasty and enough to make me feel full.

8. Do you like guests?

A. My home is my fortress, and I don’t like other people there.

B. Yes, we’re happy to have guests.

C. It’s not that I don’t like guests, but very few people visit me.

D. I like guests that can be useful.

9. What’s your relationship with your siblings?

A. Depends. Mostly good, but there are some of them I don’t communicate with.

B. Great. We love each other, but we do fight sometimes.

C. I’m the only child, but I think I’d be happy to have a sibling.

D. I’m the only child, and I’m happy that I am.

10. Where would you like to work?

A. I’d like a good position at the Ministry of Magic: useful connections and stuff like that.

B. Doesn’t matter as long as it’s something interesting and cool: like dragons or a joke shop.

C. I’d love to be Hogwarts professor.

D. Something calm and stable.

11. Your perfect parents — what are they like?

A. Quite strict about my future, but try to give me everything I want.

B. Kind, caring, always ready to help.

C. I’m happy with my parents, with all their flaws and shortcomings. You don’t choose your parents.

D. They are people that let me do anything I want.

12. Are you a communicative person?

A. Yes, when I need to be.

B. Very, maybe even too much.

C. No, I love being alone.

D. I’m communicative as long as there are nice people to talk to around me.

13. What do you think about mixed marriages?

A. They’re terrible. Everyone in our family is a pure-blood wizard.

B. Love and harmony in a marriage are the most important things.

C. I’ve never really thought about it.

D. They’re terrible, our family shouldn’t have any psychos with owls.

14. Would you shelter Harry Potter?

A. Only as a prisoner.

B. Of course, always happy to see him!

C. Yes, I’d make him some tea.

D. I’d be happy to say no, but a weird man in a cloak told me to shelter him.

15. Who is your soulmate?

А. Hereditary aristocrat.

B. The most popular guy or girl at school.

C. A weirdo like me.

D. The most ordinary girl or boy.

You’ve mostly answered A — the Malfoys.

If most of your answers are As, the Malfoy family is perfect for you: strict, aristocratic, and reserved. You’d feel at home in an old mansion, and even ancient traditions wouldn’t be a burden for you.

B — the Weasleys.

You would be a happy Weasley. You’d live in a not very rich but happy family with many kids where everyone loves each other.

C — the Lovegoods or the Longbottoms.

It seems you love being alone, and you have your own view of the world. You’d be a great Lovegood or Longbottom. Even though you don’t have a lot of relatives, everyone loves you and appreciates you.

D — the Dursleys.

You’d be a great Dursley. It’s not a bad thing: you don’t have to be like Petunia or Vernon, you just love stability and the safety your family gives you.

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