“The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today,” a Dog Snuggles Up to Girl Taking Notes in Class

11 months ago

A video posted on TikTok is going viral for showing a tender moment between a dog and a girl in school, with many thanking the teacher who let the animal in to give support to its best friend.

A dog, named Galletita (cookie in English), is making headlines for demonstrating exactly why dogs are man’s best friend. In a show of compassion and affection, Galletita was recorded resting her head on a little girl’s shoulder while she was taking notes in her notebook during class. The pet cuddled up against the girl’s body and even seemed to fall asleep for a few seconds.

The adorable scene, shared in a clip with a caption read, “The sweetest thing you’ll see today,” caused a sensation online, with people in the comments praising both the dog and the teacher’s kindness. “They are the most beautiful beings on Earth,” one user wrote. Someone else decided to highlight the gesture of the teacher, saying, “The loveliest part is that the teacher allowed their entry. Thank you.”

The video has already been viewed over 5 million times and the user who originally posted it has since made a follow-up clip, showing a new moment between the dog and the student. After someone jokingly said the dog was, so friendly it was giving the girl all the answers to the exercises, the user replied with a sense of humor. “Why are you exposing me? I turned to her like this, but I only gave her one reply. Besides, we study together,” the caption on the video read.

Bonus: You can watch the video in full here.

It isn’t just dogs or cats who can create profound bonds with us though; fish can too. In fact, a Japanese diver found his best friend in deep waters, after encountering an injured sheepshead wrasse and nursing it back to full health. In a video, the diver can be seen sharing a gentle kiss with his aquatic companion, and it proves friendship knows no barriers.

Preview photo credit 27nancy02 / TikTok


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