There’s a Whole Universe Hidden Inside Your Body, and Here Are 20+ Photos to Prove It

2 years ago

Photographs that scientists look at through their microscopes open a whole new world of tiny cells that our bodies are made of. And quite often, these photos look like the views from telescopes aimed at distant galaxies. A close-up of a human eye, for example, resembles a black hole in space, an isolated fat cell looks just like Mars, and a bunch of neurons looks like numerous galaxies scattered around the universe.

We at Bright Side invite you to embark on an exciting journey through the universe of the human body with these 23 eye-opening photos.

The human eye looking like a black hole in space

A fat cell looking like Mars

Human hippocampus neurons looking like galaxies in the universe

Eyelash hairs and the surrounding skin

Neurons from stem cells

Red blood cells trapped in a capillary

Tooth enamel formation

Ear wax secretion

Outer hair cells from the organ of Corti in the cochlear of the human inner ear

The base of a finger nail

Collagen bundles in the umbilical cord

Red blood cells, a single white blood cell, and a platelet (green) with fibrin strands

Spores of the fungus that causes athlete’s foot

Intestinal lining

Thyroid gland

Kidney nephron

Bronchiole lining

A stem cell-derived neuron

The dendritic cell, a protective cell of the human immune system

Bacteria Lactobacillus, which are part of the normal flora of the human intestine

Resting T lymphocytes

Kidney tubule cell

Bronchial epithelial culture

Which of these images surprised you the most and why?


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