This Is How 20 Characters Would Look Without Their Most Unique Features

4 years ago

It’s absolutely true that a single detail can change someone’s entire look. It seems impossible, but it’s not. In one article, we reimagined how some celebrities would look without their most distinctive features and ended up with some interesting results. So now it’s time to see this change on a few of our favorite animated characters.

At Bright Side, we like to experiment, so we took a list of 20 popular animated characters and edited them to show you how they would look without their unique peculiarities.

1. Ursula

With makeup vs without makeup

2. Mickey Mouse

Big ears vs small ears

3. Tarzan

Dreadlocks vs straight hair

4. Hercules

Lean cheekbones and big ears vs strong cheekbones and small ears

5. Quasimodo

With hump vs without hump

6. Rapunzel

Long hair vs a modern haircut

7. Scar

With the scar vs without the scar

8. Pinocchio

Long nose vs average nose

9. Captain Hook

With hook vs without hook

10. Jafar

Common turban vs small turban

11. Elsa

Shy look vs brave look

12. Queen of Hearts

Short height with a large head vs average height with an average head

13. Buzz Lightyear

An astronaut suit vs athletic clothes

14. Mike Wazowski

1 eye vs 2 eyes

15. Tinkerbell

Normal hair bun vs loose hair

16. Cruella de Vil

Black and white hair (like in 101 Dalmatians) vs brown and yellow hair (like giraffes)

17. Maleficent

With horns vs without horns

18. Mulan

Asian eyes vs round eyes

19. Moana

Thick eyebrows vs thin eyebrows

20. Nemo

Small fin vs regular fin

Do you think these characters look better now? Do you prefer them with their unique features or in their newer versions? Share your opinions with us in the comment section!


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Some look truly nice, but actually I believe it's those characteristics that have been changed, are the ones that make them unique and fabulous ??


Awwww... look how cute Micky Mouse with his tiny ears! I think he looks much much cuter ??


These are so cute! But I think I like them better just the way they are ?


I like Elsa with those shady eyes haha. She looks brave! ??????


Buzz Lightyear is blonde!! OMG! Never thought of that! I thought he was bald ?


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