Turns Out There Are Perfect Colors for All the Rooms in Your Home, According to Psychologists

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The color of the room you’re sitting in can affect how you feel, according to psychology. While red can help you focus, blue can calm you down. Painting certain rooms and spaces a certain color can help you achieve what you desire, be it passion, happiness, or the need to work up an appetite.

Bright Side has prepared a list of colors and the rooms they’re best suited for.

1. For the kitchen: yellow

The color yellow boosts the production of serotonin in your body and increases your appetite, making it the most suitable color for kitchens. This is also the reason why most restaurants are yellow in color.

2. For the home office or gym: red

According to experts, the color red makes people more productive. When working in a red-colored office or room, a person’s speed and strength of reactions are increased. If you’re wondering which color you should paint your gym or home office, red is the one to aim for.

3. For your bedroom: blue

The color blue has the power to calm you down and fill the room with serenity. Easily one of the most relaxing colors to look at, blue evokes emotion and can lower one’s pulse rate. Since your bedroom is a place where you need to relax, painting it blue is a good idea.

4. For entryways and hallways: gray

According to the famous interior designer, Susan Bednar Long, the color gray is best suited for entryways and hallways as it serves as a neutral against the other rooms. It’s simple yet elegant and changes tones with light, giving your house a unique look.

5. For a craft room or study room: lilac

Lilac or a purple hue is deeply associated with imagination and creativity. Leonardo da Vinci believed that the power of meditation increased by 10 times when done in purple light. Painting your craft room or study room this color will surely give you a creative boost.

6. For the living room: orange

Orange can make you feel excited and enthusiastic while also evoking feelings of warmth. Because of its properties, orange is best suited for living rooms or the core areas of your home.

7. For nurseries: bright green

The color you paint your baby’s room can really affect their development. Because of this, the most suitable color for nurseries is green. It has a calming effect and represents health. It reduces pressure and can help your baby sleep peacefully.

8. For busy spaces: pink

The color pink is often referred to as a “feminine” color but it is much more than that. Pink walls tend to break built-up tension and help avoid conflict, which is why some prisons color their walls a shade of pink. It also evokes the qualities of kindness and compassion. For busy spaces like offices, shops, or even big halls, aim for pink hues.

Which colors are your bedroom and kitchen painted? How have you decorated them? Share some photos with us in the comments!

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