What 11 Child Stars, Who Are All Grown Up, Are Doing Now

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Child actors often capture our hearts with their performances, but as they grow up, some of them choose to shift away from acting, and some remain in the spotlight. It’s interesting to see what they are up to now and how they have evolved in their respective careers. From exploring new industries to furthering their education, these former child stars have taken various paths after their successful stints in acting.

1. Frankie Muniz

FOX / Album / East News, © frankiemuniz4 / Instagram

Frankie Muniz, known for his role as the titular character in the hit sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, has kept a relatively low profile in recent years. He has not abandoned acting entirely, but his focus has shifted to other pursuits. Muniz spends most of his time as a competitive race car driver and is also a husband and father.

2. Jonathan Lipnicki

Jonathan Lipnicki, the American actor known for his roles as a child actor in films like Stuart Little and The Little Vampire, is still active in the entertainment industry. According to recent updates, Lipnicki has been working on several projects and is also active on social media.

In 2020, he starred in the horror film Broil. Lipnicki has also been vocal about his struggles as a child star and the difficulties he faced in school. Despite the challenges he faced, Lipnicki has continued to pursue his passion for acting and has been consistently working on new projects

3. Ke Huy Quan

© Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom / Paramount Pictures and co-producers, Elizabeth Goodenough / Everett Collection / East News

Ke Huy Quan started his career as a child actor in movies — most notably, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. However, after his acting career slowed down, he decided to pursue higher education and eventually became a successful entertainment lawyer. He recently went back to acting in the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once and won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his performance.

4. Jodie Sweetin

Shooting Star/Sipa USA/East News, AXELLE / BAUER-GRIFFIN / East News

Jodie Sweetin is an American actress, television personality, singer, and dancer. She started her career as a child actor and landed her debut TV role in the sitcom Valerie at just 5 years old. However, she is best known for her role in Full House. She took a break from acting after the show ended in 1995.

She reprised her role as Stephanie Tanner in the spin-off series Fuller House, which aired from 2016 to 2020. In addition to her acting career, Sweetin has also become an advocate for addiction recovery and has authored several books on the subject.

5. Willow Smith

EAST NEWS, Invision / Invision / East News

Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has shifted her focus away from acting in recent years. Instead, she has pursued other interests, like music, fashion, and activism. In terms of music, Willow has released several albums. She has also collaborated with other musicians like Tyler Cole and Travis Barker.

6. Mayim Bialik

Touchstone Television / Courtesy Everett Collection / Everett Collection / East News, © missmayim / Instagram

At the age of 12, Bialik was cast in the role of Blossom, which she played for 6 seasons. Following her acting career, she pursued a doctorate in neuroscience before returning to Hollywood to portray Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory.

7. Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy, a former child star known for her role in the hit Nickelodeon series iCarly, quit acting several years ago to pursue writing and directing. Her last on-screen appearance was in a short film titled The First Lady in 2018.

In an interview, McCurdy revealed that she never really wanted to be in the business and found acting difficult initially due to personal issues. McCurdy also mentioned that the death of her mother played a significant role in her decision to quit acting and pursue other interests. “It took a long time to realize I was glad my mom died.”

8. Sammi Hanratty

Sammi Hanratty is currently pursuing her career in acting and has been a part of the entertainment industry for more than half of her life. During her career, she has collaborated with various noteworthy personalities in Hollywood.

Since 2021, Sammi Hanratty has been playing the character of a younger Misty in the television series titled Yellowjackets. Additionally, Hanratty is also an active Celebrity Friend of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which is dedicated to offering support to children and their families who are undergoing medical treatment in hospitals.

9. Danny Lloyd

Danny Lloyd became a biology professor after being a child actor. In 2004, he became an associate professor at the Department of Biology at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where he currently works as a biology professor.

Additionally, he appeared in a cameo role as a spectator at a baseball game in The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep in 2019, which was his first acting role in 36 years.

10. Jeff Cohen

Jeff Cohen, known for his role as Chunk in the 1985 film The Goonies, decided to pursue a different career after his acting days. He is currently a thriving lawyer and a founding partner of the law firm Cohen & Gardner.

Following The Goonies, Cohen didn’t do much acting and eventually decided that the legal profession was the right path for him. He has stated that he quit acting for various reasons and discovered that becoming an attorney was the most sensible option for him.

11. Alisan Porter

© The Golden Girls / Touchstone Television and co-producers, JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / AFP / East News

When Alisan Porter competed on The Voice and won in 2016, many viewers remembered her from her childhood acting days. In addition to her memorable role in the 1991 John Hughes comedy Curly Sue, Porter also appeared in the final season of the TV show The Golden Girls as Melissa, the granddaughter of Blanche, played by Rue McLanahan.

Preview photo credit Touchstone Television / Courtesy Everett Collection / Everett Collection / East News, missmayim / Instagram


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