What Happens If You Stop Eating Sugar Altogether

2 years ago

Sugar is often the first thing we want to banish from our diet when we start eating healthy. But there are actually good sugars, such as sugarcane or those found in fruits and vegetables that can benefit your health and your looks. When consumed in moderation, good sugars can satisfy your sweet tooth, calm your nerves, and may even keep you from gaining weight.

We at Bright Side were relieved to learn that you can eat a moderate amount of sugar every day without guilt. And we decided to find out what might happen if you quit sugar once and for all.

1. Your hair may grow more slowly.

While eating too much refined sugar isn’t doing your hair any favors, adding some sugarcane to your diet might actually help your hair to grow more quickly. Sugarcane is a natural diuretic, and it helps to flush out toxins and remove excess salt from your body, making your kidneys’ job easier. When your kidneys don’t function properly, it can cause serious health complications, including hair loss.

Adding a bit of sugarcane to your daily meals is an easy and delicious way to get shiny and thick hair.

2. Your skin might be more vulnerable to environmental damage.

Although it is true that foods high in added sugars may cause acne, healthy sugars, such as sugarcane, might actually benefit your skin. Sugarcane is rich in antioxidants that protect your skin against free radicals causing pigmentation and premature aging. Enjoying a few pieces of dark chocolate can also help you eat your way to radiant skin.

The bioactive compounds in dark chocolate improve blood flow to the skin and make it look and feel more plump and hydrated.

3. You may gain extra pounds.

Eliminating sugar from your diet completely sounds like a great idea if you’re trying to lose weight. But depriving yourself of sweets may lead to sugar cravings that can cause you to overeat. Eating a moderate amount of dark chocolate can give you the feeling of fullness and keep those extra pounds at bay. Sugarcane can also satisfy your taste buds and boost your metabolism, making weight loss easier.

4. Your mood swings might get worse.

Making drastic changes to your diet is never easy, and cutting out sugar altogether might cause you to feel cranky. Studies have shown that eating a small amount of dark chocolate daily can lower your stress levels and make you feel calmer and happier.

5. You may find it harder to concentrate.

You can never have enough of good quality dark chocolate, and the good news is it can help you to prepare for an exam or a big presentation. Dark chocolate has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain, and eating it in moderation is a healthy and delicious way to become smarter.

How much sugar do you eat every day? Have you ever tried to quit it completely?

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This article is NOT telling the whole story! Therefore, it's VERY deceptive!! The reader has NO idea what you mean when you use the words "Good" sugars. And you didn't really explain your premise! The reason "Raw" unrefined sugar (a "Good" sugar) is not as BAD for health as white sugar, is because "Raw" sugar contains ALL the (co nutrients) nutrients for absorption! Where as refined WHITE sugar offers NONE of the benefits as does "Raw" sugar, it ALWAYS causes deficiencies, because in order for refined sugar to be absorbed and metabolized, the body MUST Leach vital nutrients from critical body functions, therefore it's always deleterious! White sugar is NOT a "Good" Sugar, and it would be good to avoid!


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