What Happens When You Start Walking Barefoot Everyday

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Today, there are many material ways to keep you feeling and looking young, like lotions, creams, etc. But staying youthful can be way easier and less time-consuming — it can simply be walking barefoot in nature. A couple of studies found that taking your shoes off and “earthing” can have more benefits than you might believe. However, it’s advisable to check with a healthcare professional first, as it’s not a substitute for medical interventions or therapy.

Bright Side gathered a list of benefits that “grounding” has on your mind, body, and soul.

1. It can help prevent insomnia.

Walking barefoot, also known as grounding and earthing, can improve sleep and increase your energy levels. Our earth has many electrons that recharge land and water, and they can also recharge us in that same way. If we aren’t physically connected to the earth, then our important functions become unbalanced, leading to inflammation and sickness. When we’re sick, we feel pain, and this usually disrupts sleep.

2. It can ease menstrual cramps.

Since walking barefoot can help with all kinds of pain, it’s no wonder that it can help with menstrual cramps as well. Going outside with no shoes on can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. And even though there are many pain medicines for women with cramps, grounding actually has no side effects.

3. You may tolerate stressful situations better.

Just as the vitamin D in our body is produced by energy and frequencies generated from the sun, the ground we stand on sends energy and frequencies to our bodies. Walking barefoot can improve your mood, you may feel more energetic, and you may tolerate stressful situations much better. Grounding can result in less fatigue and exhaustion, and you are more likely to stay calm in difficult situations.

4. It can help your kids grow mentally strong.

Letting your children run around barefoot in the dirt can help boost their immune system, get rid of allergies, and control their stress levels. It can help your kids become mentally strong. Spending time barefoot in grass, or even concrete, for 10 minutes to an hour is ideal to see these benefits. Also, placing their feet in the wet sand and water at the beach may be the best way to transmit energy from the earth, so it’s time to have a beach day with your kids!

5. It has anti-ageing effects.

Women who are earthing usually turn a bit pink in their faces due to increased blood flow to the capillaries — this is similar to a child’s face that has been running around on the playground during the summer. Even 1 hour of barefoot contact with the earth might enhance skin tissue repair and improve facial appearance.

Are you a fan of walking barefoot? Will you include grounding in your daily routine after reading this list?


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