Why Kind People Are Often the Smartest of All

3 years ago

According to experts, there’s a strong link between kindness and intelligence. Being able to stand in someone else’s shoes, understand them, and care for them is not a weakness, but perhaps the strongest trait of all which also keeps your brain healthy.

Bright Side truly believes in the power of kindness and would like to expand on why kind people are often the smartest of all.

Kind people have healthier brains.

According to research done by famous neuroscientist Richard Davidson, kindness makes brains healthy. Teaching kids and adolescents to be kind can increase their academic performance and emotional well-being.

They have great emotional and social skills.

Just having a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re a genius. Understanding others and having empathy is actually more important. It has been noted that emotional intelligence is more powerful than general intelligence. Kind people understand emotions well and, as a result, are able to connect with others and themselves easily.

They deeply think about their actions and consequences.

Listening to others and wanting to cooperate is something that people with a high emotional intelligence do. Kind people are also better at decision making, as they are able to predict other people’s emotions and behaviors.

They make the world a better place.

It costs nothing to be nice, but small acts of kindness go a long way! Even though someone might help others without wanting to receive anything back, it benefits both people involved. According to a study, the “warm glow of kindness” is real and it activates the reward network of our brains, making us feel extremely happy and satisfied.

It is probably easier to turn a blind eye to everything and only care about yourself. It takes courage and a huge heart to take time to help others. Being kind is not being weak, it is what our world needs desperately today. Call up your grandparents, ask an old friend how he’s doing, make a stranger smile. Treat others how you’d like to be treated!

Do you agree that kindness and intelligence flow together? What do you do to make others happy?


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I love the people featured inside! Just from the looks of their face, Emilia Clarke is one of my favourite actors :)


Hello! I totally agree that Kind People Are Ofen the Smartest of All! (Bianca ? - from Romania )


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