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This Artist Works Wonders With His Ink Machine and Creates Realistic Tattoos That Can Blow Your Mind

No matter if you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that tattoos have an astounding history. One of the oldest recipes for tattoo ink contains pine bark, corroded bronze, vinegar, leek juice, and even insect eggs. Modern tattoo artists, of course, use professional tattoo materials, and sometimes they manage to create total masterpieces on human skin, and our ancestors would probably be proud of this cool skin art evolution.

Here at Bright Side, we instantly fell in love with the work of Andrés Acosta, who is not only a talented artist but has a truly touching story behind his artistic inspiration. Let’s take a look at his work and background together.

The artist instantly fell in love with tattooing.

It all started in 2009 back in the artist’s native Venezuela. One year later, he moved to Houston, and that’s when his professional career started. Over the years, Andrés enjoyed realism and surrealism, which is why he now has such a distinct artistic style.

The start of his tattoo business was quite humble.

Back in Venezuela, Andrés started hanging out at a shop called Inkdustry. He had a good friend who helped him buy his first tattoo machine and materials. Soon after that, Andrés started tattooing at his apartment.

The inspiration for career success came unexpectedly.

A few months passed and the artist had a real twist of fate. He met his wife, Alex, and she received her first tattoo from her future husband. The couple fell in love so deeply that Andrés sold all his belongings and moved to the US to be with his beloved. He knew limited English, so all he could do was tattoo at a shop.

Success came to the artist as a result of hard work and a love for what he was doing.

Now Andrés Acosta is a famous tattoo artist with a unique realistic style and over 400,000 subscribers on Instagram. After 2012, when he started working in a tattoo shop in Houston, his career skyrocketed.

Today, the tattooist is happy to work together with the best artists in the industry, and he’s eager to learn what the future has in store for him.

What is your favorite tattoo style? Who of the famous tattoo artists would you like to get some ink from?

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