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18 Ordinary Products That Seem to Be Under a Magic Spell From a Wizard Designer

It seems the future is already here. At least that’s the impression we get when we see a hoodie with an inflatable hood, hair strands with a print, or chocolate with 2 alternating tastes. Today it’s hard to believe in the existence of all these items but we are sure that after a year or 2, they will settle into our lives as if they have always been there.

We at Bright Side were not able to choose what things we want more from the ones listed in the article. Let’s decide together. The bonus at the end will show you pasta in an ideal shape.

1. Treadmill combined with a computer shooter game. After having put on VR glasses, you will not simply jog but run and squat as a participant in the game.

2. Overhead strands with a print — the picture is stamped directly on the hair

3. Hoodie with an inflatable hood for sleeping

4. Jeans with an optical illusion

5. A lamp that stores solar energy to illuminate the house in the evening

6. Rings that replace a computer mouse

7. Night light aquarium with plankton that glows in the dark

8. Sneakers that can be put on with no hands

9. Reusable Ziploc bags for vacuuming products

10. A shaver made of carton: the razor holder is made like origami from a carton sheet

11. Candle with a spiral wick that burns completely

12. Cuff — earbud holders

13. Chocolate bars with two tastes that gradually replace each other: blackberry and ginger, matcha tea and raspberry, orange and black pepper

14. Air conditioner that can be carried anywhere — it is inserted into a pocket on the back and is set for either producing heat or cold.

15. Walking table instead of a waiter’s tray

16. Contactless door handle

17. Unicycle

18. A pet toy that can be controlled remotely

Bonus: An inventor spent 3 years creating ideal shapes for pasta. Here they are:

The host of a famous food podcast called The Sporkful, Dan Pashman, tried many types of pasta and came to the conclusion that they all are imperfect: some look boring, others don’t absorb the sauce, etc. Pashman dedicated 3 years to inventing a new shape of pasta and has finally introduced his new Cascatelli, which means “small waterfalls” in Italian, to the public. The author claims that they are perfect — they don’t lose their shape after boiling, they provide a pleasant resistance to the bite and perfectly absorb the sauce. Who knows maybe they are going to replace traditional fusilli and rigatoni soon.

If you could get any of these things right away, what would you choose?

Preview photo credit The Sporkful
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