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18 People Who Made Interior Design Knick-Knacks Themselves Instead of Buying Them

When trying to renovate their interior, many people seek help from designers. It does save time greatly because experts can offer solutions for arranging the indoor space of your house that you might never have thought of. However, the world is still full of those who can outshine these experts and create jaw-dropping designs in their homes themselves.

We at Bright Side love people who have rich imaginations and golden hands and that’s why we gladly looked through the works of internet users who turned their places into something special.

“When you are renting an apartment and the number of kitchen cabinets doesn’t suffice.”

“Here are some of the handmade works that I wanted to show you. Self-made Tiffany windows and other items.”

Self-made bedside table from a wooden saw cut

“I came across a photo dodecahedron (12-faceted) lamp. Decided to make the same one myself. It is cool, gives a lot of light.”

“I made my wife a side table for our anniversary, then planted it at Ikea and wrote ‘Happy Anniversary, Paige!’ on the price tag to surprise her!”

The human-lamp. It can be made easily from polypropylene pipes and fittings.

“I decided to decorate the wooden wall with a reindeer in the string-art technique. It required me, nails, and 650 feet of string.”

“Fun lighting for my lounge I made”

“Last year his big brother got a Jeep bed, so this year little man gets a bulldozer bed for his 3rd birthday!”

Authentic clock from solid ash-tree

Self-made floor lamp from fittings

“I decided to make almost all the furniture for our apartment myself. I started with a wardrobe. The full price is $35.”

“It can be adjusted for any needs within minutes.”

“I made the wife a wall-mounted dish rack.”

The Little Prince backlit wall panel

“Rocket ship bookcase I built for my son.”

“I bought a 53-gallon barrel and turned it into a sofa.”

“My wife likes to create a Christmas atmosphere at home. I can sometimes sit for hours looking at this beauty.”

“My wife started to push me to get a fireplace. I was ’playing defense’ but she united with our daughter and they finally won.”

“I had to make it myself.”

What impressive designer trick would you like to see in your home?

Preview photo credit CapnTyinKnots / Reddit
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