A Photographer Turns Her Kids’ Lives Into a Fairytale, and Her Shots Are So Cozy You Feel at Home

Polish photographer, Iwona Podlasińska (iwonapodlasinska), who is an architect by education, takes photos of kids like no one else in the world does. The main characters of Iwona’s works are her 2 sons, whose photos started her career as a photographer. They live an ordinary life — they take walks, play with friends, and visit grandma, but thanks to this photographer’s talent and her extraordinary vision of things, the ordinary things become magical. It seems that people who look at the author’s work return to the world full of warmth, love, and coziness.

We at Bright Side are charmed with Iwona’s work and are sure that you will also want to join the army of her fans after taking a look.

Ah, that look!

Soft kitty, warm kitty

Sky gazing

Find the kitten.


Christmas Eve

Mistress of the water

Cherry tree


Polar Express

Distant places


Coming back home

Music in the city

When fire meets water:

Warm summer nights


Adam and the lake

A night to remember

Light and shadows

The kiss

On the road

The wooden horse

Milk for kitty

Adam and his cats

What’s the secret of Iwona Podlasińska’s photography? Could you even pick a favorite? Tell us which was your favorite in the comments.

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