15 Kids Who Have an Elite Sense of Humor

Children often end up saying or doing things that we fail to understand as adults, but at times, you gotta give them an A+ for their sense of humor. From pulling pranks on their parents to outsmarting them when they least expect it, kids are free entertainment.

Bright Side has selected 15 times kids proved to have an out-of-this-world sense of humor.

1. “I canceled a call mid-presentation because my 9-year-old told me the water was running all over her bathroom floor.”

2. “My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago. I still look the same, IMO.”

3. “My son thought it would be funny to put his toy in front of the baby monitor.”

4. My son wanted a beard to go with his costume, but we couldn’t afford it. So he cut his own hair and glued it on his face.

5. “Our niece wasn’t thrilled about the first kiss.”

6. My kids thought this was funny...

7. I told my kid he could pick one donut from the store.

8. “Bought my 7-year-old daughter a bracelet-making kit. Found this on the table the next day.”

9. Our 6 year old “ran away” yesterday so we told him we love him and to come back if he needs anything. He came back and took the cat.

10. “My 7-year-old son’s brilliant way to never lose the only key he has for this lock.”

11. “My son said he was hot and wanted ice cream. This is not what I expected.”

12. My 5-year-old insisted on dressing up as Groot to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy.

13. “Turns out my 12-year-old and her friends think my aggravated expression is funny enough to be their wallpaper.”

14. I told him that once there’s nothing left on his plate, he could have a popsicle. He dumped all his mac and cheese on the table and said “clean plate club.”

15. “My 8-year-old came running up the beach yelling ‘I found $100.’ I ran to see. I was disappointed, he was super happy.”

What’s the funniest thing your kid has ever done?

Preview photo credit Mahhhbster27 / Reddit
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