15 Parents That Are Swelling With Pride Over Their Kids

Parents are willing to do anything for their kids. But sometimes kids don't ever have a chance to really say thank you. What kids don't always realize is that becoming decent, caring people is the best way to show their gratitude.

Bright Side gathered some inspiring stories that left moms and dads saying proudly, "That's my child."

15. A story about lunches.

A boy told his mom that some kids in his class didn't have lunches at school. "How come?" his mom asked. "Because they don't have one, Mommy. Can I bring them some of mine?" It was totally his idea, and he helped pack it.

14. A story about college.

A poor farmer brought up his son all alone and helped him to study in college. He sold everything he had. When the boy graduated, he said that his father was the greatest pride of his life.

13. A story about a fish.

A boy caught his first fish all by himself and told his dad it was for Father's Day.

12. A story about a wheel.

A dad was teaching his son how to change a tire. When the boy succeded, his father said, "Great job, buddy." Both were wearing smiles.

11. A story about hair.

My son is turning 13 this week and for the third time he is donating his hair to children with hairloss, a company that provides wigs. He's been doing this for over 6 years now." The boy grows his hair out for two years at a time.

10. A story about flowers.

A dad gave his 7-year-old son $40 dollars to spend at the grocery store on anything he wanted and advised him to buy anything - he gave the boy freedom to choose. The boy bought a handful of products for $34. He spent the remaining $5 dollars on flowers for his mom.

9. A story about gifts.

"Yesterday was my daughter's 6th birthday. Her wish was to help feed hungry people. She collected all this food to donate to the local food pantry. I'm a very proud father."

8. A story about a science degree.

The son of a janitor that works in the USA got his PhD. In this picture he's with his family and proud dad in the middle. The father was so proud of his son's motivation and clear goals.

7. A story about a dinner.

A man divorced his wife and was feeling depressed. One night he returned home to find his 9-year-old daughter in the kitchen. She'd been waiting for him for two hours and said, "Dad, now I'm gonna take care of you."

6. A story about rain.

"My son asked if he could walk to the bus stop a bit earlier than usual today because another little boy was standing there getting drenched."

5. A story about moving.

"We are moving. This was the first thing my 6-year-old son packed. Because his friends are the most important things to him."

4. A story about the color green.

"I'm a single father. My favorite color is green. And my daughter knows when I've had a hard day at work."

3. A story about sandwiches.

Before Christmas, a boy asked his father to help him. He had saved up some money and wanted to use it to buy ingredients to make lots of sandwiches to give to homeless people on Christmas Eve.

2. A story about a graduation.

A girl's mother was very ill and couldn't visit her daughter's graduation. So the girl decided to sacrifice the event share the moment alongside her mother. Needless to say, this mother was so proud of her daughter.

1. A story about a thunder.

"So our 2-year-old son recognized that our dog was scared of thunder so he decided our dog needed his own personal blanket and even brought him his water to make him feel better. In these pictures, our son is talking to him and telling him he'll be okay. Our son can take care of others."

Bonus moment...

"My 2-year-old brother cried with his face buried on the sofa."

Do you have any stories that make you feel proud of your kids or siblings? Share them with us!

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