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25 Times Our Seniors Proved They Are the Best Humans Ever

The average age for becoming a first-time grandparent is 50, and around 18% of the entire world population are grandpas and grandmas. When we think about our own nannas and papas, we often imagine them sneaking us some change and, somehow, always asking us, “Have you eaten, dear?”

To honor these special folks, without whom we wouldn’t be here today, Bright Side wants to dedicate this article to our grandmoms and grandpas — we love you dearly.

1. “Grandpa told me he had 8 ’gal pals’ at the senior home. I didn’t believe it until I saw this pic.”

2. ’’At 83, my grandma created a Facebook account. This is her profile pic.’’

3. “My grandmother met her first great-grandson.”

4. “Granny said I’ve grown since the last time I saw her.”

5. “My grandpa won his first staring contest today.”

6. “My 98-year-old great-grandmother and my son”

7. “This is my grandpa. I just flew to see him and he was waiting for me with breakfast ready.”

8. “Quality time with Grandpa”

9. “My grandmother made me this.”

10. “My grandpa and his beloved cat in the 1950s”

11. “My grandpa cut a hole in his nice new fence so my dog could see people as they walk by (and beg them for treats).”

12. “My grandpa is 100 today!”

13. “My grandma sends me fruit ever since finding out about my pregnancy. This week it’s pineapples!”

14. “My grandma sent me this in the mail.”

15. “My grandpa recently got a new car, he nicknamed it ’The Batmobile.’ I came over for dinner, and he came out wearing this.”

16. “My grandparents, still madly in love at 86 and 88”

17. “My grandpa used to always save funny carrots from his garden to show me.”

“I picked these today and thought about him, and that made me smile.”

18. “My son met his great-great-grandma today.”

19. “My grandmother, celebrating 105 years of age”

20. “My 88-year-old granny and her best friend”

21. “My grandson napping on my feet during dinner”

22. “My 102-year-old great-grandma laughing with my 2-month-old”

23. “My grandfather (84) holding my baby boy — I love these 2 men so much.”

24. “Baby sleeping with his grandmother”

25. “My grandfather has kept a photo of me in his wallet since I was 5 years old, and I’m now 25.”

How often do you talk to your grandma or grandpa? What’s the best thing they taught you that you want to teach your children too? Let us know in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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