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22 Hilarious Times Parenting Went Off the Rails

We’ve gotten used to the idea that parents are serious adults. They have an answer to any question and a solution to every problem. But occasionally they get out of control and behave worse than children do!

Parents are our closest friends who will always care about us. They can do the right things as well as make mistakes. The Internet is full of tips on how to succeed in parenting. Nevertheless, in practice, everything can turn out quite differently.

Bright Side wants to share photos with you showing how “being a parent” doesn’t necessarily equate to “being responsible.”

1. Babies look better with makeup.

2. The best place to hide

3. Now he won’t run away.

4. It helps to find a kid where you left them.

5. Once the mother pushed the baby carriage, now it’s the child’s turn.

6. A multitasking dad

7. At least the baby likes it.

8. Children need fresh air, no matter how they get it.

9. “Father’s life is in danger.”

10. The baby is fed and the parents are free.

11. One way to save a child from dogs

12. “My son was driving his car around the house drinking and I found him like this.”

13. This kid likes extreme rides.

14. A family portrait

15. “The baby won’t eat her smash cake for the camera? We got this.”

16. Baby-burger

17. You can always swap places.

18. Cats also need care.

19. The leash is around the child, not the dog.

20. A sand mask

21. “Safety first? Yeah, right.”

22. Combat coloring

What do you think about parenthood? Should one discipline with humor? Share your opinions in the comments.

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