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My Vegan Daughter Ruined Our Family Relationship Only Because We’re Meat Eaters

Kids can be peculiar, and sometimes they can be really tough. This is especially true when they’re going through their teenage years. It gets even more challenging when your teen has views that are so far away and distinct from yours, you couldn’t find a single similarity, even if you had a telescope.

One of our Bright Side readers sent us an e-mail asking for advice about something that’s caused an upheaval in his family. We’ll gladly help him out and come up with the most effective solutions that will bring peace back to his home.

Hi, Alex! Thanks for reaching out to us for help. It’s great that you accept your daughter’s choice and that you’re helping her lead a proper vegan lifestyle. We at Bright Side gathered some thoughts and opinions, and chose the best things you can do to solve your problem once and for all.

  • Buy your daughter her own sponge, dish soap, set of plates, and utensils. She has her own pans that she doesn’t let anyone use, so she might as well do the washing-up by herself so that no animal products are left on them. Besides, having her own things might help her become more independent.
  • Let her know that you accept her choice, but also explain that she needs to be okay with how others chose to live. She can’t impose her values on others and convince them to change their habits. She’s young and passionate about veganism, so give her time. Soon she’ll understand that she has to live in a world that’s not vegan and finally adapt.
  • Try to compromise. Instead of getting rid of meat completely, put it in a fridge drawer or divide the fridge into 2 parts — a meat zone and a vegan one. Remind her that she lives in a family after all. Additionally, if she always has everything her way, she might feel entitled, which will cause problems for her in the future.
  • Treat her like an adult. Encourage her to save up for a small fridge where she can store her vegan food. Put it in her room and make her cook food for herself. This way, she won’t have anyone to blame. It will also prove how serious she is about her lifestyle, and even if she doesn’t manage to save up for it, she’ll learn how to spend money wisely.

Finding common ground and compromising with a teenager can be a tough thing to do. Yet, there’s always a way to make things work and maintain a healthy balance in a relationship with a child who’s turning into an adult.

If you’re at a crossroads and need a second opinion or just want to make sure if you’re on the right track, feel free to share your problem with us. We’ll come for help as soon as possible.

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