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19 Pics That Show How Animals Need You More Than You Think

Our fur-children have the same feelings as human babies. They miss us, are afraid of thunderstorms, and get stuck under coffee tables. They are just cute and naive and need our help to adapt to the modern world because it’s simply too complicated for them.

1. “Somehow our dog opened the upstairs door and followed our cat onto the roof. He required consoling before coming back inside.”

2. “My indoor cat’s first time experiencing heights and he instantly regretted it.”

3. “I tried to climb through the coffee table, got stuck, and decided to nap about it.”

4. “He stretched while asleep and got stuck.”

5. “Steve sometimes forgets how to do stairs and can’t move.”

6. “This is Athena. It’s her first train trip and she’s a little scared but brave as heck.”

7. “My sister adopted a blind cat and he is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met!”

8. “Holden doesn’t like thunder storms. Please send hugs.”

9. “He’s afraid to touch the ground.”

10. “My cat hiding from the new kitten — good job.”

11. “My boy has been so scared of the water! Today he swam with me and then jumped on my favorite floaty, knowing I would keep him safe.”

12. “She doesn’t know what a pee pad is for.”

13. “I was looking for my pup during a thunderstorm.”

14. “I heard our greyhound crying and went to investigate. She got scared of our tiny cat at the top of the stairs and lay down.”

“She was crying because she thought she was ’stuck’ under the curtain and couldn’t free herself.”

15. “My husband rescued him right after this picture was taken.”

16. “Princess and Passion found themselves at a shelter after their owner passed away. Now they have an awesome foster home.”

17. “He was a stray for the first four months of his life so the depression and anxiety are real. He still gets derpy from time to time.”

18. “Poor baby. I’ll get you another bowl don’t you worry!”

19. “Poor dog’s terrifying first train ride.”

What did your pet bring into your life? How does it show that it loves you?

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