19 Times Our Pets Poked Us Right in the Heart

Pets make a big difference in our lives. Pets enrich our lives so much that owning a cat actually reduces the risk of heart attack by 3 times, and having a puppy helps lower our blood pressure. Not only do pets improve our health, but they also improve our quality of life by offering many unforgettable, heart-melting moments.

Bright Side is all about appreciating pets, and the following 19 wholesome photos show just how irreplaceable they are in our lives.

1. We were concerned that our corgi wouldn’t like the kitten we rescued. His head is soaked from our corgi grooming him.

2. We tested smoke detectors yesterday. She would not calm down until she could check every room to rescue us all.

3. When you have the whole bed but you’d rather be together:

4. “Look what I’ve made.”

5. My girlfriend is overwhelmed by love for her first kitten.

6. This cat has a plush of itself.

7. I got you, fren.

8. And an awesome snooze time was had by all.

9. She’s already teaching her how to boop.

10. My adult cat fell asleep on his back and my baby cat took it as an opportunity for a snuggle...

11. We found out our puppy’s sister lives just down the street from us today.

12. This sweet boy had been in the shelter for 7 months. I was unsure how my original dog was gonna take it. This is the result of our first night at bedtime.

13. Proud mom moment

14. I was gone for 3 days. She hasn’t let me get up since I got home.

15. We adopted a purrito.

16. Wife and pup decided to take a nap this afternoon on the porch.

17. First time being carried after being rescued

18. Shortly after we rescued Paul, my original cat showered him with love.

19. I shouted at my kitty today for being naughty. 5 minutes later, I find my other kitty comforting her and glaring at me.

Which of these photos really touched your emotional side? Do you have pets that make your life just as fun and loving? If yes, share them in the comment section.

Preview photo credit Nick_c08 / Reddit
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