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20 Pics That Prove Pets Have No Clue What “Personal Space” Means

Cuddling and human companionship are two of the things pets enjoy most. But some pets push the limits to the extreme and take over the privacy and personal space of people and other four-legged creatures. The problem is that, in general, they look so cute that it is difficult to scold them and we can only manage to take a picture of them.

Bright Side had a fun time compiling these images that prove that several pets aren’t really wired to understand the concept of personal space.

1. “Adopted a dog”

2. “This is what I see each time I’m about to get out of the shower.”

3. “Brought a new puppy home 2 weeks ago.”

4. “For some reason I don’t think she’s thrilled about her younger sister...”

5. “That soft, cozy bed was nice while it lasted.”

6. “This used to be my chair.”

7. “Our older cat just realized that our kitten has gotten big enough to put up a fight...”

8. “I guess the cat takes me out now.”

9. “Napping with a Great Dane.”

10. “Accepting life as a chair.”

11. “This is starting to happen more and more. I think I’m in trouble.”

12. “When I sleep in a little on a Sunday and breakfast is late.”

13. “someone is jealous.”

14. “Me and my dog khaleesi. She has no concept of personal space and has been napping with me like this for 7 years.”

15. “Booker not understanding personal space.”

16. “I don’t think my cat knows what personal space is.”

17. “I guess my puppy doesn’t know how big he is anymore.”

18. “Without even consulting anyone, this guy unilaterally decided to stage an intervention.”

19. “Sure, wherever you’re comfortable, Clawdia.”

20. “There is no such thing as ‘privacy’ with a cattle dog. Love this goofball!”

What are your pets like? Do they tend to take over your space and invade your privacy or are they rather respectful? We want to get to know them!

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