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10+ People Whose Middle Name Ought to Be “Unique”

Heterochromia is a rare condition that only affects 1% of the total population, giving them different colored eyes. According to reports, joined toes are found in one of every 2,500-3,000 babies. No 2 people are the same, but some are more different than others.

1. “I was born without toe bones.”

2. “The rashes on my fingers follow my fingerprints.”

3. This boy plays finger-style guitar without some fingers.

4. “I have 6 toes on both of my feet.”

5. “I have a rare syndrome (Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome), which has made my eyes have 3 pupils. Here’s a picture of my left eye.”

6. “I met a guy and fell in love. He also has vitiligo — a match made in heaven.”

7. “My friend’s baby was born with Conan hair!”

8. “My pointer fingers are missing their topmost joints. I can only bend them at a right angle.”

9. “Just wanted to show my double partial heterochromia with green, blue, and brown eyes.”

10. “My shirt and scar are the same color.”

11. “The veins on my hand spell out ’icy.’”

12. “My girlfriend’s rare developed birthmark — she’s never seen another adult that has one that looks like this.”

13. “I have a patch of vitiligo in my hair at the back of my head, right in the middle, so when I part my hair it looks like this.”

14. “2 of my toes on both feet are stuck together.”

15. “None of my fingers (or toes) have middle knuckles, and it’s hereditary.”

What do you think is your most unique feature?

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