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15 Times Humans Decided to Compare Things and Blow Our Mind

A traffic light is over 4 feet tall. A Kiwi bird is about 18 inches tall. How we perceive things may not always be true, because our eyes like to trick our mind. Sometimes when we compare objects with others, it becomes more clear how big or small some things really are.

To give our readers a striking comparison of things, Bright Side has put together 15 items that some of us decided to compare, for scale.

1. “My big toe compared to my wife’s big toe”

2. Walmart strawberry VS the organic one I grew in my garden.

3. The size of a Tyrannosaurus tooth cast against an adult human arm

4. How big cactuses can really grow

5. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s size 22 shoes compared to a full-size basketball

6. “For anyone wondering what the actual size of a kiwi is”

7. “The thorns on the Acacia Erioloba look like a whole new level of pain.”

8. A traffic light is probably bigger than you are.

9. A penny from 1847 vs today.

10. The size of a baby monkey

11. This plane is big enough to load a military tank.

12. The mushrooms in my yard reach above my ankles.

13. “My dad eats one full carrot in his veggie smoothie EVERY DAY. His skin compared to ours.”

14. A wind turbine pipe may appear small from a distance, but it’s really not.

15. The size of a hail stone

What was the last thing that surprised you with its size? Are you taller or shorter than the average person?

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