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15 Tricky Gift Wrappings That Made Us Double Think

Wrapping gifts is an overwhelming task to do, especially when we love the person we are giving the gift to. Some people like to turn it into art and spend more time on the design than usual. These people don’t rush into making the best fake gift wrapping, making us imagine things before seeing them.

We at Bright Side wanted to present you the most creative and unique false wrapping that will make you want to open a tradition.

“How else would you wrap a Board Game?”

“My wife’s present to me — whatever is inside, I hope it survives until tomorrow!”

“Definitely not an elephant”

“My idea of gift-wrapping a couple of concert tickets...”

“Mom, are you proud of me now?!”

“This Christmas, I used old maps as wrapping paper for the presents. Quite pleased with the results!”

“How else do you gift an assortment of candy bars?”

“My grandma decorates wrapping paper with hand-drawn patterns!”

“My daughter is obsessed with horses, but I obviously can’t afford to buy her one. Bought her a gift card for riding lessons and wrapped it like this”

“I have a talent for wrapping gifts in misleading ways!”

“I’m finally done wrapping the present for my brother. He’ll sure be surprised to find it’s a toolset!”

“I guess this is the start of a new tradition. This year, I wrapped the presents in the colors of my favorite flags!”

“These are my friend’s presents for his wife. The left package contains perfume, and the right one, a sweater.”

“I bought my girlfriend’s parents a gift for Christmas and managed to wrap it like this!”

“Each year, I wrap the last present with the leftovers of other gifts’ wrappings.”

How do you wrap your presents? Do you like to experiment with them?

Preview photo credit TerraformerDev / Reddit
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