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19 Proud Fans of Vintage Items That Are Happy to Share Their Surprising Finds Online

Style and design can reveal a lot about people. Therefore, it is so important what trinkets and decorative elements a person chooses. Some people are more prone to minimalism, while others try to use any cool item they manage to find.

The heroes of today’s article are big fans of thrift stores and flea markets, and they love to share their curious finds online.

This purse is made from vintage film strips.

“I noticed a bag on the wall and thought, ’Seriously, you’re selling driftwood now?’”

“After closer inspection, I saw these were native artifacts of bone and wood.”

“I adopted another cat. This one dispenses tissues.”

“No one at the estate auction had any interest in this vintage baby stroller, so I walked away with it for a single dollar!”

“I’ve already tried to put my cat in it with mixed success. But I hope to get some cute photos of her in it eventually. I am also in the process of making my own collectible room to display all my vintage/antique finds. I have a few antique baby items as well as baby toys from my mom’s childhood.”

“This vintage coffee table base immediately got my attention.”

Perfect for a picnic

For those who love original bags

“I found this little gem at a thrift store today.”

“She knows something is about to go down.”

“A strange creature I found at my local flea market today”

“This cushion was worth the $3.”

For those who are tired of ordinary sneakers

  • I’ve used these once. They blew up my calf muscles so that I could barely walk the next day. © Kozlow / Reddit

It’s a vase.

When you’re not fond of hunting but want to feel the atmosphere of a hunting lodge:

“I’m in love.”

“$5 for this insane corset bag”

“I can’t wait to serve hand-squeezed cabbage juice out of this pitcher.”

“It’s so awful that it’s great again.”

“I’m a Barbie girl!”

Do you like vintage items? Share your unusual finds in the comments below.

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