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20 People Who Rock at Fixing Awkward Situations

Sometimes, the best way to solve problems is to have fun while doing it. And these clever people did exactly that. Using their wit, imagination, and sense of humor, they were able to turn challenging and awkward situations into unexpected wins.

Bright Side rounded up some examples of these creative solutions, and we might just be able to learn a thing or 2 from them.

1. “I took grad pics with my boyfriend at that time, and after learning about our breakup, my aunt ’fixed’ my photos.”

2. “Crazy sore muscles but no bathtub? Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

3. “I wanted to lay in the sun and play some games. It was too bright outside to see the screen. I found a solution.”

4. “Your kids are going to do things they shouldn’t. It helps if you married someone with a sense of humor.”

5. “My puppy tore a hole in my favorite joggers, so I fixed it!”

6. “The engagement was cancelled, so I fixed the cake for them.”

7. “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.”

8. “My wife has been learning to play video games. I made her a diagram so she won’t keep looking down at the controller.”

9. “Couldn’t find a ’2′ and a ’5′ for my daughter’s birthday cheesecake. Had to improvise.”

10. “My mom has a 150-pound Mastiff who is scared of the dark. She sent me this — problem solved!”

11. “My family’s doorbell stopped working. We had to improvise.”

12. “The water heater was dripping, so my father decided to fix it.”

13. “Good as new.”

14. “Little bro punched a hole in the restroom wall, and he gave me $40 to fix it. So I did.”

15. “My buddy, being the king at fixing a matching tattoo with an ex.”

16. “My nephew was about an inch short for the best rides at Disneyland. Problem solved.”

17. “Glad he didn’t forget his Ford emblem.”

18. “Broke my shoelaces at work and had to improvise.”

19. “A car with a dent, an owner with a sense of humor.”

20. “My friend had to fix a leak in the paneling of his master bath. He definitely nailed it.”

Have you ever tried solving a problem in an unconventional way? How did it go?

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