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20+ Photos That Have More Drama Than Any Movie

Life is full of wonders, so be ready to be taken by surprise, but these surprises are not always as pleasant as we wish. And while some people just can’t recover from all the lemons that life gives them, others find a good fail to be hilarious, and the world is their oyster. Some of these stories are so good, that they could be a plot for a Hollywood movie.

We at Bright Side hope that you won’t let any troubles spoil your day. Have a good laugh with these 21 photos from people with a perfect sense of humor.

1. “I got ’I don’t know’ in Chinese tattooed on my arm to confuse people who ask what my tattoo means.”

2. “Never thought it’d happen to me. 6-hour flight, touched me 3 times.”

3. This cat has to diet, but he didn’t choose the snack life. The snack life chose him.

4. “My son parked his truck in the wrong neighborhood. He learned an expensive lesson today.”

5. “My best friend’s ‘Not Engagment’ announcements I just got in the mail.”

6. “Told my husband I was pregnant for April Fool’s Day. We just had a baby a few months ago. He took it...well.”

7. “Student handed this in today.”

8. “Every single grape in the bag has seeds.”

9. “Welp...there goes her new bed.”

10. “My sister’s boyfriend thought a rock, from his backyard, was a good Christmas gift for her...”

11. Couldn’t miss a chance to take a picture of that camo door.

12. “Finally got my license, it came expired!”

13. “My brother got this pizza in Rome, Italy”

14. “My popcorn got stuck, so I tried buying the chip bags on the top to knock it all down and got this.”

15. “The space my wife gives me to sleep on our queen size bed”

16. “Finally made a good lattice crust then I went and knocked my cactus onto it.”

17. “The way this banner fell.”

18. “Instead of cleaning up the sugar he spilled, my boyfriend decides this is perfectly reasonable instead.”

19. “My sister was about two weeks old when I realized that we were keeping her and I was no longer an only child.”

20. “So we had pizza and tears for dinner. So much for that Shepherd’s pie.”

21. “I sure loved my kitty when I was a child.”

What was the funniest fail that you’ve ever seen? How do you react to unexpected problems?

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