20+ Pics That Prove Anything Can Vanish Into Thin Air With the Right Background

Sometimes, reality can be deceptive, we all know that. However, some things or animals have the natural ability to perfectly “melt” into their surroundings and that gives us the illusion that they vanished into thin air. That’s why we have to be very observant if we want to find them again. We can never really know when we might come across a beautiful or funny coincidence. Well, some people were lucky enough to actually capture these moments in pictures that they then shared with the whole world.

Bright Side wants to invite you to see some things and animals that were unintentionally camouflaged with their environment.

1. “Lost my dog and my sandals in the hotel room.”

2. “What building?!?!”

3. “Trying to find the dress while sorting clothes on the bed.”

4. “Help me find my watch.”

5. “Where did she go?”

6. “On my bed for so long he’s become part of it...”

7. “Just another selfie with a floating top.”

8. “My sneaker matches my gym’s floor.”

9. “My girlfriend lost her glasses and texted me hysterical because she couldn’t find them. I don’t know if this is camouflaged enough.”

10. “There are 7 pills in this image.”

11. “My dog blends in with our rug.”

12. “Bottomless converse”

13. “My brother’s glass plates make me uncomfortable.”

14. “Lost my t-shirt to my unmade bed.”

15. “I was at my boyfriend’s and thought my feet disappeared in his bathroom.”

16. “He’s pretty good at blending in.”

17. “A Christmas gift nestled safely under my tree”

18. “My half-finished milk cup looked empty until I did a double-take.”

19. This girl matches perfectly with the chair, it’s the perfect camouflage.

20. “Her socks match the rubber thing on the train perfectly.”

21. “This mirrored tissue box in the hotel I am at...”

22. “Heard some strange noises coming from my engine carriage tonight. I eventually coaxed the source out.

23. “My husband found a new family at Disney.”

What camouflaged objects have you seen in your environment? Have you ever dressed like an object or other people?

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