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20 Pics That Will Break Down Your Cute-o-Meter

No matter how our day is going, there’s always something that can immediately make it a little bit better. It could be a shower, a favorite meal, or looking at tender pictures that fill us with happiness and positive feelings. Whether it’s the latest Halloween costume of our kid, spending quality time with your pets, or with a baby bear, those photos have the power to brighten our day.

Bright Side doesn’t want you to go a day without smiling, so it is our duty to show you 20 pictures that will make you do just that!

1. “My boyfriend’s lifelong dream was to get to play with a bear and it finally happened.”

2. “A well-earned pupaccino after working hard today. 10/10 good girl Pickle.”

3. “Alumni band members were invited to play during halftime, no babysitter needed.”

4. If being small and charming was a crime, he’d be arrested!

5. “Ollie loves eating his tiny paw.”

6. Definitely a contender for the sweetest Halloween costume!

7. “This is Galaxy. He is the therapy dog at Denver children’s hospital and he is a very good boy.”

8. “Too cute & smol I can’t handle it!”

9. “Security guard by night, baby sitter by day.”

10. “Friday night cuddles with Leela. All da beaaaaans!”

11. “Sully off to help the students relax again.”

12. “Kodi sleepily says hello!”

13. “Getting the goober ready to head off to daycare.”

14. Two buddies preparing for a pupventure!

15. “Yes officer, he knocked me down and held me hostage (with his cuteness).”

16. “Quick prance through the kitchen before we head off to ’ba-yay.’”

17. “Found this little guy alone under a bridge.”

18. “First trip to the beach. He loved it.”

19. “Meet my first son!”

20. They’re holding hands!

What is the sweetest picture on your phone? Let’s continue making people smile and share our favorite pictures!

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