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20 Times People Saw Something Special in Ordinary Things

Sometimes we take for granted the little things that happen to us. According to professional therapists, if we want to enjoy our lives, we’ve got to keep things simple. And we can start by paying attention to our surroundings, like by going for a walk in the park and maybe spotting a weirdly shaped cloud or crying over how delicious our food was.

We at Bright Side gathered 20 photos of people that show how we can give meaning to our everyday lives by amazing ourselves with ordinary objects.

1. “How I imagine my baby’s feet”

2. “Don’t forget to smile!”

3. “This lime has a tail.”

4. “A piece of burnt onion got wet on the stove top and made a bird.”

5. “These icicles on my hubcaps”

6. “This sweet potato I found at work has an ear.”

7. “This pizza in Madeira made me cry, it was so delicious.”

8. “Shower hair art”

9. “Does my butter look like Bart Simpson?”

10. “Scared me in the dark.”

11. “My friend’s baby’s fat bread arms”

12. “I was making pancakes and saw Mike Wazowski.”

13. “The lady of the glass

14. “My grandmother couldn’t stop laughing. I haven’t heard her laugh like that ever. She’s 93.”

15. “The ice made a duck on my window.”

16. “A tissue person on my gym’s floor”

17. “My knee impression at the gym looks like an ear.”

18. “A bird did their business on my windshield, but I think it might be a selfie.”

19. “Found this fork in my brother’s house and asked him why he had done it. Then he ran upstairs to grab his iPad.”

20. “My daughter’s elf ears”

Do you also find weird shapes in stains or other objects? How do you let yourself be impressed by everyday events? Please tell us in the comments.

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